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Mae Williams

Took a 9 year hiatus to open a small salon. I am back now hoping to share my experiences as a small biz owner. The Pandemic has given me reason to comeback and share my thoughts. Rebranded my name from Men's Cuts to Amaezing" I have a back ground in graphic design, interior design and have learned alot though life's experiences.

I have had to wear many hats as a small biz owner. I am more techy than most women my age because I have had to be relevant to stay be in business in the digital age. That isn't to say I like social media. I have a creative analytical mind with interests in holistic health, interior and web design. I like to write about things that make me stop to think.

My opinions are just that. Anything I write here is a personal observation.There is no hate allowed here. So if you disagree, comments must be rooted in love, civility and kindness. This is a great platform to share thoughts, reviews, experiences with people from all over the world. Go ahead, give it a whirl! Join me at HubPages.

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