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Anna O'Malley

Hi! I am a nerdy book worm with a passion for science and adventure.

In my free time: I am a musician, specializing in the awesome Tenor Saxophone. I am a bookworm, constantly loosing myself to my imagination. I am an adventurer, often confusing my bike for an airplane.

My middle name is geek(not really, but that would be pretty cool), and I am often too analytical for my own good. I am often that friend that answers you rhetorical question to the root.

Friend: Why is the sky blue?

Me: When sunlight reaches Earth's atmosphere, it is scattered in all different due to the gases that make up our air( mostly nitrogen(78%) and oxygen (21%) though there is some argon, water vapor, and other fun stuff). Blue is scattered more then other colors because it has a shorter wavelength, a.k.a Rayleigh Scattering, that allows it to be, in a sense, knocked around more by the molecules. So, it bounces around and basically paints the sky, and voila! Blue sky.

Friend: -.-

Me: You know you still love me ;)

Friend: -.-