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Behzad Azargoshasb

Dr. Behzad is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor. His Degree in Science and Naturopathic Medical training were a combined period of 8 plus years comparable to what Medical doctors go through. Dr. Behzad’s current practice is in family medicine with a special focus in Digestive, Hormonal and sleep disorders. He also specializes in Detoxification and Pain Management. His most frequently used modalities of practice are acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Dr. Behzad comes from humble beginnings, and he still considers himself a down to earth man. He has traveled the globe, having lived in three countries before his 18th birthday. Always being curious and experiencing the repercussions of it has led to his massive accumulation of knowledge along with quite a few bruises.

His passion for Natural Medicine began when he received his first book on Acupressure when he was 9 years old.Ever since he has not stopped being amazed and fascinated by the human body and its incredible ability to heal itself. He spends his days helping people from all walks of life; improve their health, through natural, non-invasive methods. His main goal is to educate and motivate his patients onto health promoting lifestyles. His other passion is to research and write. He is the author of, Rules of Health, which can be found on Amazon and many other locations. He has also given several talks on subject matters such as Arthritis, Detox, Hypertension and cold/flu prevention and management.

When you meet Dr. Behzad, relax and know that he will listen and meet you where you are on your healing journey. Naturopathic medicine aims to find the root cause of dis-ease, identify the obstacles to cure and eliminate them allowing the body’s inherent healing powers to bring itself into a state of optimal health. Dr. Behzad feels that his role is more than just to treat his patients but also educate and empower them to lead healthier lives. His expert knowledge and clinical skills in Nutritional and herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling are some of the therapies he may use to custom fit the best treatment for you.