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Camille Bienvenu

Camille Bienvenu is a certified nutritionist and accredited science journalist covering medicine, food and public health. She has spent ten years immersed in the world of nutrition and fitness and traveled everywhere (in France, England, Canada, Australia, Scotland) in search of the best researchers and experts in longevity.

Camille's writing has appeared in newspapers such as The Scottish Sun as well as several health and fitness publications, including Men's Fitness, Women's Fitness and Women's Health. Outside of reporting, Camille lectured at the University of East London about chronic degenerative diseases, NCDs and the top challenges of health/food systems globally.

Camille was responsible for the creation of an award-winning NHS behavior change platform called The Low Carb Program that is used by half a million users globally for the remission of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Her interests and areas of expertise include:

• Behavioural science

• Value-based care

• Nutritional therapy (weight maintenance, metabolic disease and cognition)

• Herbal medicine

• Medical technology, mHealth and predictive analytics


Industry Content:

Science Writing:

Lifestyle Writing:

Contact Camille on Signal at +44 7958 544478 or email at