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Christopher Peruzzi

Christopher Peruzzi is a science fiction and horror enthusiast. He is a writer by night and an IT professional by day. He is among the authors of the anthology, Once Upon an Apocalypse, for his story The Undead Rose - an adaptation of the children's story, The Briar Rose... with zombies. He has also contributed his HP Lovecraft genre short story, When You Wish Upon a Star to the Miskatonic Nightmares anthology by Alban Lake Publishing.

He's written for the late supreme geek site, Echo Base, on all things Marvel and DC. In addition to that, Chris is a huge fan of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes and has attempted to collect every fictional work on the character. He is also an avid comic book reader and has been reading (and studying) superhero fiction since he was six years old. He's happy that the medium has grown not only in popularity but also in sophistication. He lectures on how comic book superheroes are the true American mythology.

Chris is currently working on his first novel, a horror story involving the great state of New Jersey.

He is married to Sharon O'Brien, a health and life coach.