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Faye Mitchell

I was born in 1947 so I have seen many changes in my lifetime.  The internet is certainly one of the most exciting.

I Have a son and a daughter.  My daughter has four beautiful daughters and my son has an adorable son.  I am so proud of my children who are happily married and good parents.

I lived in Europe for ten years and both my kids were born in Scotland.  I lived in Vienna, Spain, Switzerland and Scotland.  I was even at Check Point Charley in East Berlin during the height of the Cold War.   I visited East Germany several times -- very depressing.

I have had a number of careers.  I was a Realtor, Financial planner, Insurance agent (life and health insurance) and variable annunities, mutual funds and variable life insurance.  I was an artist and best and not least I was a mom.

I am an artist, writer, and photographer.  I love the new technology that allows one to connet with others and promote one's work so easily.  Digital photography is a dream come true -- total freedom to experiment.  Also it is affordable -- no dark room.

I have always liked writing but never tried to be professional.  I am looking forward to composing web pages covering many different topics.  This is a very exciting new page in my life.