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DoozieMom LM

Well, let's see... I a 42 years old - not that age defines me! I have 4 children. 2 of my children are boys, and 2 girls. One of the girls may be a troll. 2 of the kids are over 16, and 2 are under 7. Although I have a lot of things figured out, I haven't quite got religion or politics. Since I had 1 old child get hit by a truck, the other old child get seriously ill, and acquired the troll baby, I have been trying to become self-employed. Turns out it is kind of hard for someone to keep you employed when you are always taking off work to go to some type of specialist or another... So, I am working on my web and graphic design skills, dabbling in freelance writing, and trying to air out my dirty laundry on the web! Oh, and in my spare time... I love to read, am anxiously awaiting how the Wheel of Time series will play out, and have found a guilty pleasure in the Twilight Series. I do confess that I will be attending the midnight showing the first night, again.. lol. Follow DoozieMom on Twitter Visit twitter moms: the influential moms network