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Explore my hubs to find recipes for healing.

Combat common health problems with delicious drinks, meals and herbals / neutraceutical elixirs.

Many people understand that herbs, spices and nutrients can have a powerful effect on the body. They can help us to cure illnesses and strengthen the body so that we don't get ill in the future. That is why the supplement industry is such big business today.

But what most of those people do not realize is that most of the active ingredients in their supplements and herbal remedies have poor bio-availablility and efficaciousness when taken in isolation as a pill or tincture. They are much more effective when consumed as nature intended - as food.

The reasons for this are varied; some active ingredients require fats or carbohydrates as carriers to properly enter our system. Others are activated more fully by the presence of other nutrients. And many others are degraded by the processing required to turn them from a natural ingredient into a bottled supplement.

The recipes you will find here are therefore more potent for healing and strengthening the body than any supplement.