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My name is Laura and I am a freelance digital artist with over 10 years experience in 3D modelling, animation, illustration, video editing & game design. I work as assistant publishing director for a well established sports magazine based in Hastings.

My most recognised achievement to date was being involved in the making of BAFTA award winning online Cbeebies game, “ZingZillas”. Working with the Plug-in Media crew was the most profound experience in my entire digital career and without them this would not have been possible!

I am also a full time Auxiliary Nurse in an acute medical unit, with over a decade of care experience. These days, I look after the young and elderly alike, suffering from mental and physical health problems. Cardiology and palliative care is my speciality but I also work a lot with dementia patients and those suffering from nutritional problems.

I have a broad range of interests including cookery, poetry, wine tasting, gaming, photography, aromatherapy and witchcraft. I also practice Reiki healing, which isn't really a hobby as such but I seek great pleasure in helping others on a spiritual level as well as a physical one.

Overall, I am quite a balanced individual and I believe that it is important to live and learn from other people, which is predominantly why i am here. What knowledge I gain, I like to share with others.

Thank you for reading and hopefully our paths will cross again soon!