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Kristie Gentry

Where to begin? I was born and raised in the mountains of Virginia, then I moved around the country before returning not too far from my home and started working towards the day when I can once again return to the mountains of Virginia. I have what is recognized as a Compound MTHFR mutation and as a result, focus on natural, holistic approaches to life. The focus of my posts will involve my natural approach to life so I can help others learn how to accomplish many of the things I do.

I admit I love to cook more healthy options but make sure that they are packed full of flavor. You will see a variety of these recipes. I also make personal care products and house cleaning products, all which I do share, but want to share with others. I will also provide insight into various nutrition/diet programs and sometimes offer a variety of meal plan options. There's a little something for everyone, hope there is something you can enjoy!