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Rob Daugherty

Health and Hypno provides articles related to alternative health and wellness, in addition to some of the interesting aspects of hypnotherapy. Within many articles you will find actual hypnosis scripts or suggestions that I have found to be extremely successful with my hypnosis clients.

Because alternative health and wellness have been subjects I've studied for many years, I will go to great lengths to provide information that is at least a little unique - something beyond the typical information you can find from the many excellent sources available to everyone.

* * *

Health and Hypno writer Rob Daugherty grew up in the St. Louis, Mo area and has since lived in Baltimore/DC, outside of Philadelphia, Virginia Beach/Newport News, before settling in at "The Berkshires" in Western Massachusetts. His experience as an engineer, teacher, coach, writer, musician, Reiki practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and owner of Berkshire Hypnosis lends to his ability to do very well at Trivia games.