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I have an interest in states of consciousness and exploring non-physical spaces in a practical way. I am discerning and even sceptical by nature. Therefore I attempt to have an intelligent approach to subjects that are tenuous. In most cases my writings come from personal experience

Writing and communication is important to me and I am learning so much from the great writers here at Hubpages. I've also befriended some amazing people here in the early years of Hubpages and they have helped me immensely in the field of literature and writing.

My past profession was in the finance industry that lasted 17 years. I had my midlife break out and started to explore and view the world from a different standpoint. Having had years of experience in the corporate world, I now have a more balanced view of life and am able to bridge to a broad range of personas.

In 2001 I commenced spiritual practices on a full time basis and now teach meditation and self awareness practices. Additionally I promote yoga nidra as an essential tool to promote body awareness and heightened levels of relaxation to reduce stress.

Am also a Sidereal Astrologer and use the craft as a tool for awareness of ones psychological blueprint. In 2006 I became a Regression Practitioner, a mode of therapy to help with emotional blockages, clarity of self and expansion of vision. I am available in person or via skype for sessions.

Please feel free to contact me via Facebook if you have questions regarding Third Eye experiences or the therapies I offer. Our conversation is via the chat function which is private and one on one, or contact me via my website in need.