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Karthik Kashyap


My name is Karthik. I come from the garden city, pub city and the Information Technology hub of India, Bangalore. I am an entrepreneur by philosophy and a content writer by profession, a blogger and traveler by passion. Among my myriad hobbies, writing is one I have taken up recently. My interests range from science to religion and occult, technology to history, and modern civilization to ancient civilizations. Anything that can trigger my curiosity can be called my interest. Being curious and exploring different things in life comes naturally to me. Most of the hubs you read will reflect these interests.

I will be doing my best to contribute to the community here. Most of my hubs you read will be related to topics that are close to my heart.

You can also visit my homepage and a few of my dedicated blogs,

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Note: All articles written here are the intellectual property of Karthik Kashyap. Blatant copying of an entire passage or the entire article without giving credits will be considered illegal and dealt in a serious manner. If found necessary, legal action may be taken against that person.