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Kristina Bouxsein-Hearn

As a parent to two children, I never know what my day will bring! Two very active boys keep me busy. You can often find us outside on nice days (and even not so nice days....we love puddle stomping!) at the library, or visiting family.

In my "life before children," I worked for ten years in the non-profit sector. I believe strongly in volunteering, and still continue to do so as much as I can. At some point, I plan to rejoin the non-profit world, or even try something on my own.

Other favorite activities include cooking (especially new recipes), spending time with family, and being outside. As a wannabe homesteader, my husband and I have a large backyard, and dabble in gardening, foraging, supporting the environment, and lots of DIY.

I've always had an interest in writing. Now seems like the perfect time to dust the keyboard off and give it a go. Thanks for reading!