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Leonard Tillerman

I am an educator and writer. I have spent the last 30 years as an English teacher and School Principal. I also have over 28 years of experience as a blogger, editor and freelance writer. I offer my services to various publications.

I am extremely passionate about writing, and the same can absolutely be said about reading! There is nothing I like to do more than sit by the fire and read a great book. In fact, I have read so many books in my lifetime that I lost count a long time ago. That brings me to this point. I would like to help readers and authors find one another. In particular, I strive to help Indie Authors reach a larger audience by providing honest and comprehensive reviews of their work. So many great writers and authors are are just not having their voices heard. My Grandfather was an amazing writer who wrote 5 amazing books. They were never published as it was such a difficult market to break into. I want to help people like him.

My interests in a nutshell are animals, kindness, writing and reading. I wish to live on a kinder planet in which all are treated with the respect and love they deserve. This includes animals and nature.