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Marco Fratelli is an Engineer who likes to write articles on all sorts of topics in his spare time (let's not narrow it down to particular categories hey?).

Marco also has a passion for marketing and is working hand in hand with other geeks to uncover some Internet Marketing secrets.

Where to find Marco Fratelli:
twitter: @marcofratelli
digg: alittledeeper
blogger: a blog about nothing
blipfm: MarcoFM
hubpages: marco's profile
shetoldme: promote your hubs

When he is not working on his many projects you will find him jamming on the keyboard or guitar, picking someone's brain or counselling a friend.

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Check out some of his hubs:

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If Shopping Centers Ran Out Of Food To Sell - entertaining the numerous conspiracies online about the doom and gloom of 2012;

Mucus: Snot Just a Discharge - everything has a purpose;

Ways to Release Those Bottled Up Emotions - because no one is strong enough to carry the weight of the world by themselves.