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I've done quite a few things in my life - bank officer, university tutor, tuition teacher, but the love I always go back to is writing.

I was an advertising copywriter for over ten years. I loved the variety of work I had, working for clients from industries as diverse as engineering, retail, banking and education. I even loved the adrenalin rush of chasing deadlines!

That was followed by a rewarding stint as an editor with a publisher of coffee-table books on art, history, gardening.

My interests change from time to time, and tend to be eclectic. A few current faves and raves:

* place: the library (Singapore has very good public libraries).

* book: Sophie's World. I'm inspired by it to look at the world with new eyes.

* music: Clay Aiken for his beautiful vocal talent; Jason Mraz, for his quirky songwriting. It helps that they're both fantastic live performers able to weave magic through voiceand music.