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Michelle Thelen

I am a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist with the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) since 2006.

One of my goals in writing these articles is to help spread the knowledge and wisdom of using herbal medicine. The materia medica of traditional Chinese medicine identifies over 5700 natural substances that have been used to treat a wide range of health conditions, from common cold to dermatitis to rheumatoid arthritis. In my 4-year training in acupuncture and herbal medicine, I learned the clinical applications of single herbs and formulas and how effective these prove for all levels of illness. Herbs can be combined with prescription drugs in many cases to improve the efficacy of medications, and/or to mitigate any toxic effects that may result from prolonged use of medications.

There are times as well when herbal remedies can stand alone and prove valuable in chronic conditions, such as arthritis, migraine, and gynecological issues. Herbs work along different pathways than drugs, and there have been many research trials at the National Institute of Health that are showing positive results with their use, and especially for functional disorders that are not responsive to conventional care,

Underlining all of my efforts is my devotion to the teachings of Sri Gary Olsen, and MasterPath. Of all of my endeavours my best is the quest to join forces with the greatest one in our universe, the Shabda aka Sound. Nothing is a bigger blessing in life than finding one's teacher. I can honestly say that having my spiritual path has defined and colored everything else that enters, or exits, my life.

There are some other topics I do enjoy writing about and these include: travel, cooking, acupuncture, philosophy, and spirituality. All of these are pretty much wrapped in the thin coat of cellophane that is me and my dream of healthy, responsible, and minimalist living.

Please feel free to comment. I love hearing from you. And I wish you well.