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North Wind

I'm basically just a small fish swimming in this big pond, hoping to add my two cents to the mix!

So what can I say about myself? Can I say there is something about my writing that will keep you glued to the page? Doubt it. Can I talk about all the kudos I've received and what an all-round friendly person I am? Highly unlikely. Maybe I can dazzle you with my personality. Yeah. Right.

I write what I think about and that's the truth. So according to my hubs, I think about God, food, music, history, football, and sometimes, money, the last one involuntarily. Every once in awhile some current event will pull me in and a Hub might pop out.

I read and oft times comment on other Hubber's hubs. There are some whose Hubs I don't want to miss and so I clicked the follow button. Even if I don't comment on their Hubs, I am a silent reader to their every word.

If you noticed, I have a few followers myself, I am amazed that there are actually some people who would want to read what I write, but don't get it twisted, the number fluctuates because as the saying goes, "You can please some of the people some of the time the others the rest of the time but not all all of the time." (or something to that effect.)

So read at your own risk (who am I kidding? I can be more boring than margarine) or don't - and keep some of your time for yourself. If you love to write, stop lingering on my page - go to start a new hub and just let it rip. Stop being the audience and get on the stage already! Don't worry too much about me, an empty room gives off the loveliest echo....