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Pamela Oglesby

I enjoy writing, research, travel, history, genealogy, reading and a many other things. This means I stay busy, and I have been on Hubpages for twelve years.

I have always had a multitude of hobbies, and I have a bachelors degree in nursing. I worked in several capacities as an RN for 24years, but primarily in hospital management for much of my professional career.

I am happily married. I have three sons, one step-daughter and four grandchildren. Two have graduated from college, and two have a masters degree. I am proud of them all.

I was working on my master's degree when I became ill with lupus, which ultimately ended my nursing career.

I like to spend my time writing, doing genealogy research, reading historical novels, gardening, making stained glass art and traveling. I am active in several genealogy organizations, and I am a joyful Christian.

I enjoy writing on Hubpages, meeting new friends, and you will too if you sign up.