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Fall In Love With Life. Explore. Dream. Discover. 11:11*<3 :) Remember Who You Are ^^ :.I Am.: Down To Earth & On Another Planet Spirit Trapped In Human Form Transcending Limitations Everything & Nothing Always Different Never the Same The Beginning The End An Experience A Moment Incomprehensible Indescribable Infinite Love Peace Harmony **I Am Another You** :.I <3.: Everything That: Brings A Smile To My Face Makes Me Laugh & Sometimes Cry. Beauty In The Unusual & Nature's Glory. Seeing The Goodness In The Bad Small, Meaningful Things In Life The Non-Material World Being Touched Within Feeling The Oneness Knowing More Experiencing Connecting Optimism Moments Positivity Thinking Giving Being Loving **Truth To Our Daily Lived Illusion & Lies** :.I Hate.: Anything That Takes Away My Liberty Negative Things In Any Form The Human Ego Materialism Hating **Seeing People Blinded By Religion, Media, Government, Money, Lies & Power.. People Who Can't Think For Themselves, Narrow-mindedness** :.I Fear.: **Fear Itself For Everything Is Just A Projection & Manifestation Of Our Inner Thoughts & Emotions Even If We Are Unaware Of It And Choose To Deny It** :.I Cant Wait.: **To See How Every Moment Of Life Unfolds & The Meanings Behind Every Detail, Every Experience, Moment & Feeling**