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My name is Sandi. I am a retired Registered Nurse currently studying Reiki. I have recently become interested in EFT (tapping), crystals and Tarot cards. I am jnterested in energy healing, health and nutrition .I use supplements on a regular basis and like writing about supplements that can be taken to improve all aspects of health. I am also interested in natural remedies for depression and have enjoyed my research into using natural products to improve one's mood. I also enjoy cooking and sharing recipes. I recently became interested in Vegetarianism and plan a series of recipes on the delicious meals I have been eating!

I enjoy scrapbooking and have spent hours creating memory books for my family and friends. Being a single Mom for many years afforded me the opportunity to learn about home repair and improvement and I continue to soak up as much information and hands on experience as I can.

I believe strongly in personal growth and development. Take some time to listen to some of the best motivational speakers and put into practice what they say. You are never too old to grow!! Invest in yourself!

I am happy to have stumbled upon Hubpages because I have always had an interest in writing. I hope to improve my skills while writing about the many things that interest me, my fellow Hubbers and others searching for articles of interest to them.