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Plants and Oils

I am a great fan of essential oils and herbs for everyday health and well-being.

I want to create a network of hubs giving information on the most important and interesting essential oils, for health, pleasure, aromatherapy, and beauty treatments.

Here is the alphabetical list of my hubs on essential oils thus far:

Basil oil Bergamot oil Black pepper oil

Cannabis flower oil Carrot seed oil Citronella oil Clary sage oil Clove oil Cedarwood oil

Eucalyptus oil Fennel oil Frankincense oil

Grapefruit oil Geranium oil

Jasmine oil Juniper oil

Lavender oil Lemon oil Lemongrass oil

Peppermint oil Pine oil

Rose oil Rosehip oil Rosewood oil

Sage oil

Tarragon oil

I've done a series of related articles on tea-tree oil, in relation to tea tree acne treatments, tea tree benefits and uses, and tea tree skin care, including burns and cuts.

As for related subjects, I've also written on natural treatments for headlice, and drying your own home-grown lavender.