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Suzi Rayve

Hello. I am a perpetual dreamer who has her feet planted firmly in Mother Earth's sacrosanct ground. I am a Mother, an Herbalist, an Actress, a Singer, a Writer (under the pen names of Suzi Rayve, Heidi Cain), a Reiki Master, an Animal Trainer, a House Cleanser (a person who makes bad spirits go bye bye, a ghostbuster), a Producer, etc. etc.

I love my life and embrace the moment by moment adventure that is my birthright. Having visited hell and come out the other side into the light that is all around us, I feel I have a unique perspective on life. This may sound like I am an airy flaky dingbat, but I like to call myself eccentric instead.

I have done and learned many strange and wonderful things in my life and when I have time, I write about them. HubPages is an incredible outlet and I am happy to have found them. In other venues, I have other names. This one started long ago and I used my daughter's name Savannah Eve. My music and scripts and eBooks are under Suzi Rayve.