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Smiling Cat

Hi. My name is Tim Eutin. Welcome to my hubs. I hope that you enjoy them. I love to write and talk! I am blessed to be able to earn an income from both.

I am the former host of a Christian radio show that was broadcast to over 4 million people daily and currently am a restauranteur and media marketing consultant.

I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge. My site Southern Gospel Music site was my first website. I utilized the tools available at SmilingCatWebBuilder to turn my passion into a profitable website.

In addition to writing for my websites, Squidoo and Hubpages.

My hobbies include hiking, gardening, reading and fishing with my daughters. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are going to the Super Bowl this year!

I am also a fulltime single father of four with two still in the nest.

The Ten Dollar Dad series is my attempt to give back. It is based on my experiences as a single dad and then as the father of six. I hope that it is useful to all of the single moms and dads that are living on a tight budget.

If you have any comments or if I can help you with anything please drop me an email.