Tessa Schlesinger

Tessa Schlesinger writes both fiction and non-fiction.

Tessa writes non-fiction in order to give people the tools they need to live an easier life. She truly believes an easy life is the best life. :)

She writes fiction in order to escape the harsh reality that so often besets us. What would life be like without an imagination to take us to places where we would love to be?

She is the author of:

The INTJ Woman - A Rare and Lovely Lady

Tessa Schlesinger has tested INTJ for 40 years. An article she has written on the INTJ woman has garnered more than half a million views and hundreds of comments of comments by INTJ women. In addition, many of these wonderful ladies contacted her. As a result of this, she wrote this book.

Rapid Weight Loss - 20 lbs in 20 Days.

Getting fat is the pits. After struggling for years with gaining and losing, Tessa set time aside to research it. She began to make sense of it when she discovered how the body lost weight, what she should weight, what the different foods did in the body, how energy worked, what the different weight loss myths were, and more. She then successfully lost 20 lbs in 20 days, and she was so enthusiastic about this amazing event that she decided to share what she had learnt!

The Sorceress and Prince of Ra

So few fantasy books are set in Africa. As Tessa has lived in Africa and traveled to a good few countries in Africa, she decided to set the scene in a world few have traveled to. She describes the tribes, the scenery, and along the way introduces you to people of unimaginable power!

How to Increase Your Luck in Life

Tessa considers herself to be lucky. She started becoming interested in the topic of luck in the mid-70s when she dealt tables in Africa. Dealing Roulette she was amazed at the way some punters always won and others always lost. But luck was more than that. When she wanted to settle in America, she didn’t have the necessary qualifications to qualify. So she had to win the Diversity Lottery. And she did. As she didn’t have the money to then relocate to America, she then won another (very small lottery). Luck is something that can be triggered - when you know how!

The Second Civil War - A Story of What Could Happen (freebie - apocalypse fiction)

At a time when nobody in the States wanted to believe that there was a class war, Tessa fictionalized it. This was originally written in 2011. It’s free. So feel free to download it and discover how ti all ends…

Editor of: Memoirs of a Jewish Journalist in Nazi Germany.

My late father, Werner Ludwig Schlesinger, was a young man of 23 when the Nazis came to power. He was an attorney in government legal system. And then the Jews were removed from all government positions. So he used his second degree to get a position as a journalist on a Jewish newspaper. On the day he started work, the editor was arrested. This is the true story of those times. Perhaps, if you read it, you might pick up the parallels with what is happening today…

About Tessa

Tessa spent ten years as a staff volunteer for San Diego Comic Con International in California, dealt eight or nine different casino games professionally on three continents, spent two years editing for a publishing house in London, had her first 'story' published as an 11 year old in 1962, has lived on three continents in six different countries and traveled extensively, once went to movies with a princess, twice dated a Lord, and fell on her face more times than she can count. She is now an old woman, still has a pen in her hand, and is currently working on all the dreams that never...