Judy Specht

My passions are traveling, gardening, exercising and anything to do with my family.  My motto is Have passport will travel. Life is meant to be lived traveling.  My traveling experiences are usually on a tight budget.  Mostly the trips I take are to visit my wonderful friends in interesting places.

Resourcefulness is the characteristic I love most about myself.

As the mother of 3 sons I have learned to be hyperactive. This tendancy is revealed through the eclectic topics I chose to write about..

I have been traveling down the cancer road for 20 years. Many of my experiences traveling have helped me live with cancer. Look for hubs about traveling down the cancer road or any road that looks interesting.

Laughter, flexiblity and open mindedness make excellent travel companions, so look for those characteristis on my hubs. Thoughtful examination, commonly refered to as thinking, is a traite I am currently honing.   

Question ponder, "How long would it take for you to list everything you are thankful for". I stongly believe thankfulness makes life richer.  Thankful people can laugh without guilt or remorse. Laughing is the best abdominal exercise, so laugh much for a strong core.  As I said before, some subjects I am likely to write about include, bicycling, running, and people. Resourceful ways to handle lifes perdicaments will also show up in my hubs.  

Sometimes H.J. and Baby R.A help me think up ideas to write. Grandchildren are the best!  

As always I am delighted you stopped in for a visit.