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Creative, lost, diabetic with a yearning for learning! As you read my pages, remember, you are reading the content of my wandering meanderings!

I enjoy writing short, informational pieces, because that is what I personally like to read.

I definately have a weird way of looking at things and I spend most of my day running after my cats and blogging on my food blog

Just about everything interests me, and I try to fit everything I can into the file system in my skull. So far, I have dabbled in photography, become addicted to cooking (and my kitchen), explored the world of crafts, even worked online researching (still do) and love it!


I don't expect my hubs to really ever be about the same thing. At best, I will have several on food. The important thing is, I am learning as I write each hub, so with each piece I write, I walk away with a lesson about the subject. Whether or not I was already educated on that area, I can always count on learning something I didn't know before. Hopefully, by reading my hubs, you can accomplish the same thing.