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Poon Poi Ming

I am from Johor Bahru, the southernmost city in Peninsular Malaysia, just a hop across the straits from Singapore.

Previously in human resource management, I opted for early retirement in 2002, and has been spending almost all my time on the internet. I simply love computers because of its mind-boggling capabilities. I initially spend 2 and a half year writing for Wikipedia. Since then, I have been building my own websites. Of the many websites that I have built, only is giving me a decent Adsense income, while the rest have just a couple of clicks on and off. 

I joined HubPages on 6 April 2013 and in my first month, I published 10 featured hubs. As you can see, my topics are very varied, reflecting my varied interest. My mum gets frightened whenever I go out of the house: "Buy anything you want EXCEPT books! Too many in the house already!" I once went to buy old books from the Singapore National Library that they wanted to dispose of for $1-$2 a copy. My brother-in-law commented: "Indiscriminate buying!!!" When I asked for clarification, he said that I was buying books on almost every topic. But truth is that those books are the books that I am interested in.