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10 Crystals for Spiritual Growth and Development

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Healing crystals can enhance our spiritual development in a range of ways.

Healing crystals can enhance our spiritual development in a range of ways.

When thinking about spiritual development, many people’s first thoughts are of clairvoyance, divination and mediumship, or even of following a religion. However, there is much more to spiritual development than just these areas, and these may not be part of your path at all.

Spiritual growth can be thought of as a process of inner awakening that raises your awareness and vibration above the norm. It can lead to a more harmonious life and a reduction of freedom from fear, stress and anxiety as you become more trusting of your inner power and strengths. Spiritual development encourages us in moving away from thoughts and behaviours linked to the ego in order to live a balanced life in which the mind, body, emotions and spirit are considered and cared for.

It is important to remember that spiritual development is directly linked to our personal development and that there are times personal development can hold us back from achieving all that we wish or are capable of spiritually. Negative thinking and behaviour, childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships and health issues are a few examples of personal issues that can affect our ability to develop spiritually, hone any gifts we may have and raise our vibrational frequency.

Spirituality in Your Everyday Life

As well as events and issues from your past, everything you bring into your life has an effect on you and how you live day to day. This includes the food that you eat, the people around you, what you read, listen to and watch and your attitudes and opinions. Some difficulties may be a challenge in themselves to work through and get past, perhaps even requiring professional support, but there is also much that you can do yourself to move towards living a more spiritually aligned life. Some simple ideas include:

  • Reading spiritual, positive and uplifting books
  • Practising meditation. This is beneficial even if you can only manage short sessions
  • Being conscious of your thoughts and what is driving them
  • Trying to find the positive in situations
  • Avoiding media that upsets you or leads to negative thinking about others
  • Working on developing patience
  • Trying to be less reactive so that you can respond in more positive and calm ways

Meditation and many complementary therapies are also beneficial in addressing and working through personal issues but it is important not to rule out conventional medicines, treatments and therapies as these can also be of great help.

Crystal points are a good choice for focusing and directing energy.

Crystal points are a good choice for focusing and directing energy.

Crystal Healing

One form of complementary therapy that can be used in spiritual development is crystal healing. There are many varieties of crystals that can be used to enhance or develop your spiritual abilities as well as in addressing personal issues that hold you back.

For example, the powerful vibrations of crystals can be worked with to heighten spiritual awareness, correct spiritual and emotional imbalances, or help us work towards a higher consciousness. They can also support us in meditation, easing fears and becoming calmer, more patient and considerate individuals. Crystals are also believed to be beneficial in facilitating communication with the spiritual realm.

Crystals can be used in a wide range of spiritual applications and in conjunction with many natural or learned skills. They can be used in developing intuition, helping us to trust in and listen to our inner guidance, sometimes known as our gut feeling. Many stones are useful in clearing and balancing the chakras, which in turn can benefit us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Skills such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy can be enhanced through the use of crystals. They can also be used in preparing to undertake psychic readings or communication by utilising them in meditation or in protection. Crystals can assist you in channelling, astral travel and out-of-body experiences, enhancing divination, connecting with spirits and spirit guides, precognition and in blocking psychic attacks.

It is a good idea to also consider grounding crystals such as smoky quartz and hematite. These help to keep your energy centred and grounded to the earth which can aid in reducing feelings of anxiety, being out of balance or feeling spaced out. They are great to have on hand after working on your psychic development or after carrying out readings, divination and Clair abilities. Grounding stones, particularly those that also have protective properties can also be a great addition to daily life.

Crystals for Personal Development

There are many crystals that can assist you on your personal development journey.

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1. Amethyst

This crystal has long been believed to be excellent in working with spiritual and psychic development. It is beneficial when used in meditation before undertaking psychic readings using divination or mediumship. Amethyst has a calming energy that operates on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. When used in meditation amethyst helps to increase mental power and focus while opening you up to your intuition. This purple crystal is a variety of quartz and is associated with insight, vision, creativity and inspiration. Amethyst is a supportive crystal that may help you in making difficult decisions or choices with a clear head, rather than reacting to emotions alone.

2. Azurite

This crystal is connected to the third eye chakra and is said to enhance intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual connections. It can help you in understanding and following your inner guide as well as in recognising spiritual guidance when it presents itself. Azurite aids in seeing which areas of our lives need improvement and is believed to aid in reducing negative thoughts and fear. When used in meditation azurite clears the mind and deepens introspection and visualisation abilities. It can also help in interpreting messages and guidance received during meditation.

This blue crystal is beneficial for working with the throat chakra and any aspect of communication. Azurite encourages you to communicate from the heart and is used by Native Americans to communicate with spirit guides.

Amethyst has long been reguarded as a highly spiritual stone.

Amethyst has long been reguarded as a highly spiritual stone.

3. Moonstone

Moonstone aids in communication with spirit guides and is a good choice for anyone who practices tarot, pendulum reading or other forms of divination. It enhances intuition and many people believe that it is a wish-granting stone. Moonstone is a balancing crystal that stimulates confidence and boosts intuitiveness and perception. This crystal may also aid in the development of second sight and grey moonstone is believed to be particularly beneficial in this area.

Blue moonstone is linked to communication in the physical world as well as spiritual and telepathic communication. This blue variety is a very nourishing stone that can help in balancing your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

4. Snowflake Obsidian

Although not a true crystal, obsidian has many beneficial properties to share with you. It is a good choice of stone for developing Clair abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. Snowflake obsidian is also a useful stone for scrying. This crystal is a good choice for calming and clearing the mind before meditation. Snowflake obsidian can help you in learning new concepts and remember important or newly learned information. It is a grounding and protective stone that will shield you from negativity entering your life and aid in creating a sense of stability and security in your life.

Selenite is named after the goddess Selene.

Selenite is named after the goddess Selene.

5. Hematite

This grounding and protective stone can help to keep your mind on the present and what needs your attention now. It helps in getting your point across in a rational and calm way which can be useful if people around you don’t share your interest in spiritual growth. Hematite helps to dispel negative emotions as well as repelling the negativity of others. This crystal can be used to help focus your mind if you are easily distracted or are prone to anxiety or being overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Hematite is a good crystal for fostering gratitude and reminding you to appreciate what you have rather than constantly wishing for more.

6. Selenite

Selenite is a beautiful white crystal, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This is a good choice of crystal for anyone who needs to quiet constant thoughts and distracting mind chatter. It is also a good crystal for use in meditation bringing clarity to physic insight and vision. Selenite can help open us up to and understand the messages and guidance that come to us in life. It may also help in awakening and strengthening telepathic abilities and communication with spirit guides and angels. Selenite promotes feelings of harmony and is reputed to aid in guiding like-minded people towards you.

Carnelian can be found in sahdes of red, orange, pink and brown. It can also be banded.

Carnelian can be found in sahdes of red, orange, pink and brown. It can also be banded.

7. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a striking stone that is associated with strength, power, confidence and intelligence. It has high vibrational energy that is also very grounding and stable. When used with the third eye this crystal is said to help enhance psychic abilities and stimulate the rise of kundalini energy. Tiger’s eye is a good choice of crystal for helping you to recognise your inner strengths and resources and will support you in making full use of these. Although this crystal will help you see and utilise your talents it will also keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and highlight any faults that need working on. This stone is believed to be beneficial for resolving internal conflicts and issues related to pride and stubbornness.

8. Carnelian

Carnelian is a stabilising stone that may help increase motivation and creativity. It can help you in trusting yourself and your perceptions and aid in overcoming negative conditioning from the past. This crystal boosts visualisation skills helps in focusing energy and increases concentration making it an excellent aid to meditation. It is a crystal full of life force and vitality and has the ability to cleanse other crystals. Carnelian is thought to help protect against the negativity of rage, envy and resentment whether they are your feelings or being displayed by others around you.

9. Labradorite

This iridescent crystal is thought to be a great choice for increasing psychic abilities and intuition. It is also used in connecting with spirit guides and enhancing precognition skills. Labradorite is a highly protective stone that is believed to raise consciousness making it easier to connect to the higher vibrational energies of the universe. This crystal can be used in releasing fears and insecurities that have been caused by disappointments in the past and helps develop trust in the universe.

10. Moonstone

Moonstone is sometimes known as the stone of new beginnings and is strongly connected to the moon and intuition. It can help remind us that everything in life is part of a cycle that is constantly waxing and waning. Moonstone promotes intuition and empathy and is thought to encourage lucid dreaming. Traditionally this stone was used in developing and enhancing psychic abilities, particularly clairvoyance. This crystal opens the mind to serendipity and synchronicity while soothing stress and emotional instability.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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