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7 Crystals to Boost Creativity

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Boost Your Creativity With Crystals

Boost Your Creativity With Crystals


Creativity can be a tricky thing, coming and going, often when it is needed most. Creative ideas may flow at inconvenient times, such as when we are trying to sleep, only to disappear when we have the opportunity to work with them. Even the most creative people can suffer from blocks or times when they feel uninspired or lacking in ideas.

Additionally, once they have ideas, they may be discouraged or unsure of carrying them out due to feeling that they won’t succeed or that even if they do, people won’t like their creations. The opinions and criticisms of others can be a big problem for many people no matter how talented they are in their chosen line of work. It can feel as if creative hobbies and jobs are not valued or seen as real work by those outside the field. Artists, crafters and other creators can be seen as lazy or as wasting time or resources by others adding further to feelings of uncertainty.

Crystals area great tool in enhancing creativity.

Crystals area great tool in enhancing creativity.

Healing crystals are a safe and natural method that can help to encourage, boost and direct creativity and can easily be incorporated into your existing schedule and workspace. Crystals can be placed around your workspace or studio or on your desk to bring their inspiring vibrations to your space. They can also be placed with your tools or materials for example, in a pencil case or next to tools and equipment. If you prefer crystals can be used away from your workspace and are a great addition to meditation.

One suggestion for this would be to meditate with crystals associated with the sacral chakra, such as carnelian, orange calcite and tangerine quartz as this is the chakra linked to creativity and creative processes. Place your crystal onto the sacral chakra (located approximately three inches below your navel) and visualise the energy of the crystal flowing into the chakra removing any blockages to its energy and calming or stimulating the chakra as needed. If you would like to sleep with your crystal you can do a short meditation with it before bed and ask that it help you find solutions to your creative issues. You may find that you wake up with a new outlook or approach or that your dreams provide you with insight that can get things moving again.

Other ideas for working with crystals include:

  • Wearing in jewellery
  • Carrying a crystal in your pocket or bag
  • Sleeping with a crystal under your pillow
  • Adding crystals or crystal water to your bath
  • Using magical sachets
Citrine encourages the flow of new ideas.

Citrine encourages the flow of new ideas.

1. Citrine

Citrine is well-known as a stone of joy and abundance. It encourages creativity and promotes inner calm helping you to stay focused. This sunny yellow crystal encourages the flow of new ideas and boosts enthusiasm and motivation. It is a great choice for creative businesses and entrepreneurs as well as for those working jobs within creative industries. Citrine can help encourage you in sharing your gifts and talents with other people and is a great crystal for manifesting abundance and success in any area you desire. When you are feeling stuck or in a rut, citrine can be used to boost self-expression helping you to come up with workable ideas that are unique to you.

Citrine, also sometimes called the merchants stone, is a good choice of stone for anyone who has recently started or is thinking of starting a creative business, for example selling their work or teaching others. This crystal is said to attract good luck as well as wealth and abundance and can aid in calming anxiety connected to money and your new venture.

Bumble beejasper is beneficial when choosing between opportunities.

Bumble beejasper is beneficial when choosing between opportunities.

2. Bumble Bee Jasper

This unusual variety of jasper forms within volcanos in Australia and Indonesia and so can be more difficult to find than many other crystals. As bumblebee jasper is formed from volcanic matter and various sedimentary rocks some people consider it to be a form of agate rather than jasper.

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This crystal is great for helping you to pick out the best opportunities for yourself and your family. It helps you to step outside of your comfort zone when working on new ideas or looking for solutions to creative blocks. Bumblebee jasper can help you see your individuality and how this can aid your creative processes and creations. This variety of jasper helps in letting go of worries and in clearing your mind so that you can recognise which issues are genuinely holding you back. It gives you the stamina to keep striving forward and the motivation to make decisions based on what is best for you, rather than what other people think or want. Bumblebee jasper is a useful crystal for healing and releasing past experiences that prevent you from following your creative dreams or holding you back from sharing your talents with the world.

This variety of quartz ecourages learning and expanding your skills.

This variety of quartz ecourages learning and expanding your skills.

3. Tangerine Quartz

This variety of quartz is linked to the sacral chakra which is the centre of our creativity and balance in this chakra brings acceptance, adaptability and joy. Tangerine Quartz can help in eliminating self-limiting thoughts and beliefs leading to a boost in inspiration and curiosity. This is a good choice of crystal for morning meditation where it can stimulate new ideas while your mind is fresh and clear. Tangerine quartz encourages growth and learning and helps us to see the world with the wonder of a child. It is a useful stone to work with when you are struggling to understand and accept aspects of yourself or feel that you are not worthy of your desires, success and goals. This crystal shields against self-sabotage and supports in manifesting abundance through the use of your creative skills.

Tangerine quartz promotes growth while helping us to accept that some things cannot be changed and so it is better to focus on what we can control or work on. It aids in recognising when the thoughts, opinions and criticism of others are clouding your judgment or holding back your creativity and support in moving past this. As a confidence-boosting crystal, tangerine quartz helps in overcoming feelings of inferiority and encourages a mindset of perseverance and strength.

Herkimer diamonds are great for clearing blockages.

Herkimer diamonds are great for clearing blockages.

4. Herkimer Diamond

This is a high-vibration form of quartz found only in Herkimer County in New York. It is a great choice for clearing blockages and letting your true talents shine through. Herkimer diamonds promote productivity, creativity and imagination while bringing clarity and balance wherever needed. This crystal is a good choice when working to deadlines as it helps in breaking through creative blockages and eases stress. Herkimer diamond can amplify the energy of other crystals further boosting their beneficial properties. It is a beneficial crystal for anyone working to achieve dreams and goals connected to creative pursuits or for those working in creative jobs.

This is a motivational crystal full of positive energy.

This is a motivational crystal full of positive energy.

5. Orange Calcite

Another sacral chakra crystal, orange calcite is a great choice for artistic businesses and creative endeavours of all kinds. It boosts confidence and motivates you towards your true potential. This form of calcite encourages creativity and can be beneficial when you need the confidence to bring your ideas into reality. Orange calcite aids in breaking old patterns of thoughts and behaviours leaving space for fresh ideas and new sources of inspiration. It then helps you to see the inspiration that is all around us in everyday life and bring this into your creative projects. This sunny orange crystal has a strong energy of positivity that will permeate through all areas of life. It boosts motivation, memory and sense of purpose and will help you find solutions to any problems that arise blocking your creative energy.

Labradorite is a powerful  crystal that can help boost creativity.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal that can help boost creativity.

6. Labradorite

This beautiful and powerful crystal has many properties that benefit creativity whether you work in creative fields or make art as a hobby. Labradorite brings clarity, enthusiasm and new ideas and can support you are unsure whether these ideas will be successful or keep you on the right path. It boosts positive thinking and aids in dissolving mental blockages that hold back your creative vision and skills.

The energy of this crystal is beneficial when working in groups on creative projects as it increases communication facilitating the discovery of new ideas and insight. This crystal can be used to reduce stress, increase mental clarity, faith and trust as well as ease self-doubt. Labradorite can be used to protect against negativity from other people regarding your creative pursuits, especially when they feel that your energies would be better directed elsewhere. It creates focus and aids in utilising the right and left sides of the brain in harmony to get the best of both. This shimmering crystal comforts and soothes hurt caused by insecurities and previous disappointments. It is a great crystal for attracting good luck and promoting self-confidence, self-worth and determination.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope.

7. Bloodstone

Also known as heliotrope, bloodstone is a good choice of crystal for calming the mind and dispelling confusion. It heightens creativity and intuition and fills you with a deep sense of courage, self-esteem and patience. This is a protective crystal that will shield you against bullying and aggressive behaviour from those around you whether they are colleagues, classmates or family members. Bloodstone can help to heighten intuition, increases creativity and enhances the decision-making process by dispelling confusion around ideas or choices. It rains in impulsivity and promotes a strong sense of determination and courage. This is can be especially beneficial when you don’t have much support for your creativity and creative skills. It is also a good choice of crystal for helping you to recognise and appreciate your skills and calm any anxiety that you feel around being creative and working with these skills.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Claire

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