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An Introduction to Using Healing Crystals

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

There are a huge variety of crystals that can be used in healing.

There are a huge variety of crystals that can be used in healing.

Crystal Healing and Complementary Therapy

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy that has been used throughout history by cultures all over the world. This holistic therapy works to heal and bring into balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Crystal healing is a gentle and accessible therapy that is safe for everyone, including babies and children, pregnant women and older people. It can be used exclusively or alongside other methods such as reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, talking therapies, reflexology and prescription medications.

Crystals possess the ability to absorb, store, amplify and transmit energy. This energy can aid healing or enhance any environment in which the crystal is placed. Many crystals can be used to absorb or transmute negative energy from places and people or we can carry them with us to benefit from their positive, energetic vibrations. Crystals can be used to help with a vast number of issues such as stress, depression, circulation, insomnia and sadness. They can also be used in meditation.

Crystals can be found in a huge range of types and in many shapes and styles, from small polished gemstone chips to huge geodes and raw specimens. Wide varieties can be found carved into shapes such as animals and angels, palm stones are great for carrying with you, and crystal jewellery is a great way to work with the benefits of crystal in day-to-day life discreetly. These varied and beautiful stones can also be used to enhance our homes, gardens and work spaces. This is achieved by placing appropriate crystals in the space, and these can be raw or polished versions or items such as wind chimes or ornaments with crystals incorporated.

Crystal healing requires no specialist or expensive equipment to get started; all you need are the stones themselves. You do not need to buy very large or fancy carved specimens for the crystals to work as these are purely cosmetic factors and have no influence on the crystal's vibrational energy and benefits. Additionally, there is no need to buy a huge variety of stones when first starting out. Not only can this be very expensive, but as time goes by, you may find that you do not use all of the stones you bought or feel that there are others you would gain more benefit from owning. One good method of building a crystal collection is buying each stone as needed. This way, you will only be purchasing a stone or two at once and will build a useful collection rather than having many stones that sit unused. Another method is to buy a small number of crystals that have a good range of uses and then add to these as you wish. A good crystal guide book is useful to have to hand as this will enable you to learn more about crystals and know which are useful in what circumstances.

Amethyst is a common crystal that has a variety of uses in healing.

Amethyst is a common crystal that has a variety of uses in healing.

Healing Using Crystals

Each type of crystal has its own energetic vibration, and it is this that gives its healing properties. Each crystal is linked to particular health problems, parts of the body and other issues you may face in life. For example, hematite has been long associated with the blood and is therefore linked to the circulatory system and problems that may occur within it, such as anaemia. Learning about each crystal’s unique properties makes it possible to choose the most appropriate types to help in any given situation.

The energy of a crystal can be calming or energising and so can be used to stimulate or sedate over-active energies within the body or when working with the chakras. Some crystals heal quickly and can be simply placed over the problem area, for example, using amethyst to ease a headache by holding it over the painful area. Other crystals are slower acting and may need to be worn or carried with you for a period of time in order to benefit from their healing energy fully.

Carnelian is said to be able to cleanse other crystals.

Carnelian is said to be able to cleanse other crystals.

Both natural and polished crystals possess the same internal crystalline structure and vibrations, so either can be used successfully in healing. Choose whichever you prefer or feel most drawn to but remember that the methods you wish to use may have an influence on which is more suitable.

Raw, unpolished crystal pieces can make beautiful additions to a room but may be uncomfortable to wear as jewellery. They may also be more fragile and easily damaged if worn or carried with you regularly. In these cases, polished stone, also known as tumble stones, can be a better choice. A small tumble stone can be easily carried in your pocket or bag, and these polished or faceted stones are the most commonly used in making jewellery. They can also be placed around your home, placed in your car or on your desk at work. Crystals can be used in a huge variety of ways, so you can experiment and see what methods work best for you and your needs.

Although crystals are generally safe, when used with small children or babies, they should be placed out of reach or secured in a cloth pouch as they may be swallowed or pose a choking hazard. Small drawstring pouches used for jewellery are ideal for this and can be knotted closed. The same precautions need to be considered for anyone that may not understand that crystals should not be placed in their mouths. Care should also be taken using crystals where pets may mistake them for food or toys.

What Is Cleansing?

The majority of crystals need to be cleaned in order to keep their energy clean and beneficial. This process removes the negative vibrations absorbed during healing or from the environment around the crystal. A few crystals, such as citrine and kyanite, are reputed to never need cleansing, and there are several crystals, including carnelian, that are said to be able to cleanse other stones.

Crystals can be cleansed in many ways, but not all methods are suitable for all crystals. A simple universal method of cleansing is to leave your stones in the moonlight for several hours. Using carnelian or clear quartz to cleanse other crystals is a useful method for more delicate stones such as selenite. Other methods of cleansing include holding crystals under running water, smudging and burying the stones in the Earth.

Healing Crystal Methods to Try

1. Meditation

Crystals can be used in meditation, which in itself is known to ease stress, lower blood pressure and help calm the mind and body. Crystals such as amethyst can be held during meditation to help deepen and enhance your experience. They can also be used in chakra healing meditations.

2. Wear or Carry With You

Crystals can be worn as jewellery or carried in your bag or pocket wherever you go. This method is particularly useful when working with stones such as blue lace agate that have a gentle slow acting energy.

3. Using Crystals at Work or Home

Placing crystals around your house brings their healing and positive energies into your home. One example of using crystals in this way is in cleansing electromagnetic smog given off by electronic devices and geopathic stress. Black tourmaline is an excellent choice of stone for this use. By placing crystals around your home everyone living there can benefit from their presence. Crystals can also be used to influence the environment created: for example using crystals to create a calming bedroom or study area boosted using crystals for concentration and memory. Healing crystals can be used in the same way in your office or other workspace.

4. Crystal Grids/Layout

Another method of working with crystals to heal and enhance life is using crystal grids or layouts. This method enables you to benefit from several crystals at once. These may be all one type or various varieties of crystal can be used depending on your intentions and need. Crystal grids can be created and left in place for as long as you wish and crystal grid plates are often used for this. Another method of working with crystal grids is to place the stones on and/or around a person in specific shapes to create an energy field. An example of a crystal exercise to alleviate stress is to lay eight amethyst points around your body in the following layout:

  • one between your feet
  • one above your head
  • one on each side of your neck
  • two at your hips and two at your ankles, one on each side of the body

Now close your eyes and relax. Remain laid within the stones for 10 - 20 minutes. After the exercise the crystals should be cleansed using your preferred method.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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