Beginner Crystal Healing: Common Questions Answered

Updated on January 12, 2019
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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 12 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

A raw sodalite crystal.
A raw sodalite crystal. | Source

An Introduction to Crystals

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine. It is a holistic, non-invasive, natural therapy that is safe for use by people of all ages and walks of life. Each variety of crystal has its own vibrational energy frequency and is able to interact with the human energy field (also known as the aura) and correct any imbalances that are present. When used in healing, crystals can also remove or transmute negative energies. Crystals have the ability to absorb, focus, direct and detoxify the energy that they come into contact with.

As a healing modality, crystal healing is fairly easy to carry out and generally requires nothing more than the appropriate stones and your focus and intention. However, as with learning most new topics, there can be many unfamiliar and technical-sounding terms and phrases used. It can also be confusing when different books or websites use a range of terms to mean the same thing or state that different methods should be used.

Tiger's eye has long been used as a protective amulet.
Tiger's eye has long been used as a protective amulet. | Source

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones and minerals that have a crystalline structure. This means that they form in a geometric, 3D and symmetrical pattern.

Due to its unique formation and vibrational energy, each type of crystal has its own particular energy and properties. These properties remain the same regardless of a crystal's size and whether it is a raw or polished stone. These are purely cosmetic factors and do not affect the internal crystalline structure where the healing and other beneficial qualities lie.

Chevron amethyst is a made up of a combination of white quartz and amethyst.
Chevron amethyst is a made up of a combination of white quartz and amethyst. | Source

What Is Cleansing and Why Is It Important?

Crystals pick up energy from the people and environments around them. They can have travelled a long way and may have been handled by many people and will have been exposed to many different energies. These can include negative and other detrimental energies that can then be brought into your home and aura when you use the crystal. Cleansing is the name given to the process of removing any accumulated energy from the crystal and returning it back to its natural state.

Cleansing is not a complex or difficult process and can be carried out in many ways. Methods of cleansing crystals include:

  • Using water
  • Moonlight
  • Using a singing bowl
  • Smudging
  • Burying the crystals
  • Breathe

Not all methods of cleansing are suitable for all crystals. For example, water-soluble crystals such as selenite can be damaged by water or moisture in the ground. Cleansing is sometimes also called clearing.

Healing crystal can be found in a huge number of varieties.
Healing crystal can be found in a huge number of varieties. | Source

Why Would a Crystal Need Programming?

Programming crystals is the process of filling a crystal with your intention for working for it. Because of their crystalline structure, crystals are able to hold energy within them and this can be thought of almost like a form of memory. All that is needed to programme a crystal is your focus and a clear idea of your intent. The more specific you can be in your intention for this crystal, the more successful your results will be.

If you pass muddled, uncertain energy into the stone, its ability to understand and support you will be hampered. It is best to use clear positive statements when programming crystals. Statements such as ‘I am working with this crystal to increase my confidence’ or ‘working with this crystal will help ease my anxiety’ are more likely to give clear intention than saying ‘I hope I can increase my confidence’ or ‘This crystal might help me feel less anxious’. When programming crystals, you should do so in a quiet space where you can relax and not be disturbed. Programming is not a necessity in crystal healing, but many people feel that it leads to better results.

Raw specimeins of crystals can be incredibly beuatiful.
Raw specimeins of crystals can be incredibly beuatiful. | Source

How Will I Know Which Type of Crystal Is Right for Me?

There is a huge variety of crystals that can be bought and many of these possess the same of very similar beneficial properties. This can make it difficult to know which crystal will be best for your needs especially when you are first starting out in crystal healing. One thing to remember is that if you do choose the wrong crystal it will not do you any harm.

There are several methods that can be used to choose crystals and you can stick with one of these or use them all. There is no right or wrong so go with whatever feels right to you. Regardless of how you choose which crystals to work with, it can be beneficial to have a good crystal guide book for reference. This can at least help you narrow down the choices even if you do not use it to make your final decision.

Your decisions of what crystals you use can be based purely on your research or you can use your natural intuition and vibrational energies to guide you. If you feel drawn to a particular crystal or there is one that seems to pop up everywhere, it is very often the case that this stone will be beneficial to you. However, sometimes this may not be for the issue you intend but another, so do not right this method off if it doesn’t always seem accurate. It can also take time to tune into and work with our intuition, so do not worry if this is hard at first.

If you are able to visit a crystal shop, you can experience the vibrations of various stones. You can sense the vibrations of a stone by holding your hand a short distance above them. If you are unable to see crystals in person, do not worry too much as you may feel attractions while looking through crystal books and websites.

Amethyst, citrine and quartz crystal points.
Amethyst, citrine and quartz crystal points. | Source

Can Choosing the Wrong Crystal Hurt Me?

Working with the wrong stone will not cause you any harm, it just will not do anything in resolving your issue. Do not feel too upset if this does happen as it may be that the crystal will be helpful to you in the future.

A selection of tumbled crystals.
A selection of tumbled crystals. | Source

Are Crystals Dangerous?

It is possible that smaller pieces of crystal could present a choking hazard and so extra care must be taken when using crystal healing with or around babies, children and animals or anyone else who may put them into their mouths. This also applies to crystal formations such as clusters that smaller pieces could be broken off from.

There are also some varieties of crystal that are hazardous to work with in certain circumstances. For example, malachite should only be used in polished form. Some crystals can contain poisonous minerals such as arsenic and asbestos, so if you are working with unfamiliar or less common types of crystals, is it worth checking for any safety needs. Crystals should also not been placed in your mouth.

Jasper can be found in a wide variety including dalmation, ocean, red and poppy.
Jasper can be found in a wide variety including dalmation, ocean, red and poppy. | Source

Which Crystals Are Good for Beginners?

There aren’t any specific crystals that are good for beginners as the crystals you use are dependent on your healing needs. However, there are some higher vibrational crystals that can be difficult for beginners to work with or whose energy may be too intense or overwhelming. These include moldavite, charoite, Herkimer diamond, shungite and xenotime.

Some commonly available crystals that are often popular with people starting out in crystal healing are amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger’s eye and hematite.

Black tourmaline is considered one of the most powerful protective crystals.
Black tourmaline is considered one of the most powerful protective crystals. | Source

Is It Okay to Give or Receive Crystals as Gifts?

Yes this is perfectly fine. If you receive crystals and have any worries about them or their energy, you can cleanse them thoroughly before use.

© 2019 Claire


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    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago from Lincolnshire, UK

      Thank you. Amethyst is a great crystal :) my two youngest love rocks and crystals too.

    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      18 months ago from Lincolnshire, UK

      Thank you, I really appreciate that :)

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      18 months ago from Mobile, AL

      A good short list of questions for beginners. Sharing to my Guide to Crystals Facebook page.

    • Lisabean2202 profile image

      Lisa Bean 

      18 months ago from Nevada

      You've got a lot of great information here. My son is really interested in crystals these days. My mom got him a really big amethyst for Christmas.


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