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5 Best Crystals to Attract a Soulmate

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Layne is a certified level 1 crystal healer and works with clients individually to help them overcome challenges and blockages.

The best crystals for bringing love into your life.

The best crystals for bringing love into your life.

How to Connect With Your Soulmate Using Crystals

Are you ready to attract love into your life? Are you certain it is time to partner with your twin flame? These crystals and stones are some of the best for attracting love. You can use them to repair your heart, make room for new love, or you can use them for enhancing sensuality and intimacy. You can also use them to attract that special person you are looking to spend the rest of your life with. You may also want to use these crystals to simply welcome self-love into your life.

Best Crystals for Attracting a Soulmate

  • Rose quartz
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Selenite
  • Red Garnet
  • Larimar
  • Bonus: Ritual for attracting love

What's the Difference Between a Soulmate and a Twin Flame?

Many people are looking to meet their soulmates in this lifetime, but the truth is we may encounter several soulmates in our lifetime and they teach us some of life's most challenging lessons. Alternatively, twin flames offer unconditional love, emotional support, friendship, and understanding . . . your twin flame is someone you are truly compatible with. Meeting your twin flame is rare.

Soulmate vs. Twin Flame

Your twin flame is a mirror of yourself. Soulmates, on the other hand, are not exactly the "perfect lover." Soulmates might teach us difficult lessons in our lifetime—we often meet each other again and again to process various aspects of life and living via a soul pact from which we continue to evolve and grow. Soulmates can be of the same or opposite sex and even animal companions. You may want to consider whether or not you are looking to attract your soul mate or twin flame.

Use Intention to Program Your Soulmate or Twin Flame Crystal

Certain crystals represent bonded souls and are specifically used to attract a soulmate or twin flame. These special crystals appear as two crystals (e.g. clear quartz) that have grown from the same base. The difference in the crystal's purpose is in how you program it (the intention you set for its use).

Rose quartz is one of the most powerful heart stones.

Rose quartz is one of the most powerful heart stones.

1. Rose Quartz

Appearance: Translucent, pale pink

Properties: Encourages and attracts unconditional love, heals the heart, restores trust.

Rose quartz is known as one of the most powerful heart stones available. It can benefit all. Rose quartz is the universal heart stone and attracts unconditional true love. It helps open up the heart chakra to the universal energy and blankets the individual in healing, forgiveness, and peace. Rose quartz brings positive energy into an environment. It is great for those who are undergoing a midlife crisis or need to recover from grief, loss, or emotional trauma.

How to use this stone: Place it on your nightstand while you sleep, wear it over your heart as a pendant, use it to create a grid while taking a bath, or use it to charge water.

Rhodochrosite may heal past trauma.

Rhodochrosite may heal past trauma.

2. Rhodochrosite

Appearance: Pink, banded white

Properties: Selfless love, encourages intimacy and passion, heals abuse, releases old emotions, reduces stress.

Rhodochrosite offers unconditional love and compassion and is great for those who have experienced heartache in their past. Rhodochrosite also helps us to attract our soulmates in order to learn life's difficult lessons, like letting go of past hurts and pain. This stone is great for emotional release and allows one to be ready to receive love. It can help one to process and release the old to make room for the new.

How to use this stone: Wear rhodochrosite over the heart.

Selenite is used for attracting light energy.

Selenite is used for attracting light energy.

3. Selenite

Appearance: Pure white, shiny, fine ribbing.

Properties: Enhances communication between two individuals, brings resolution and peace.

Selenite brings clarity, higher consciousness, and light to the user. Said to be a powerful crystal bringing in a pure vibration of light and high energy, it can be used to create grids, detach negative aspects latched on to the mind, body, or soul, and creates a protective cocoon of light. Selenite removes doubt, confusion, and negativity.

How to use this stone: Selenite hearts may be held and used by two individuals to enhance communication. Selenite wands may be used over an individual's body to remove negativity. When placed in the house and used as a grid, it brings peace.

Garnet is a great crystal for enhancing sensuality and intimacy.

Garnet is a great crystal for enhancing sensuality and intimacy.

4. Red Garnet

Appearance: Red, transparent.

Properties: Enhances sensuality, intimacy, and passion, and raises energetic frequencies for love and desire.

Red garnet is a deep red crystal that can be used to enhance passion, love, and devotion. It encourages intimacy by simulating kundalini energy or cosmic energy through the points of the body which generally remain dormant or blocked at the base of the spine. Garnet brings about hope and stimulates virility and stamina, which can be good for impotence or frigidity.

How to use this stone: Wear it as jewelry over your heart chakra or place it over your sacral chakra. Keep it on your nightstand.

Larimar restores childlike energy.

Larimar restores childlike energy.

5. Larimar

Appearance: Blue, blue-green, translucent, smooth, veined.

Properties: Welcomes childlike playfulness back into the heart, helps individuals heal from a broken heart or heartache. Encourages love and peace.

Larimar is a stone of playfulness, love, and peace. It brings about harmony and high vibrations and dissolves suffering. It removes all pain from broken relationships, heartache, and trauma of the heart. Larimar is especially calming and soothing—it helps women to reconnect with the divine feminine by connecting them to nature and allows individuals to sync up with the natural rhythm of the earth's energy.

How to use this stone: Wear it as a pendant, as earrings, or as a ring. Especially powerful over the heart chakra. May also be placed on the third eye.

How to create a love altar to attract your twin flame.

How to create a love altar to attract your twin flame.

Crystal Ritual for Attracting Love


  • 4 rose quartz crystals (raw or tumbled)
  • 1 twin flame crystal (clear quartz: two points with one body)
  • 4 white or pink candles
  • Fireproof base (I like to use a mirror plate). This is the heart-shaped mirror plate that I use. You can find other decorative pieces at places like Michael's.


  1. Position your first candle "North." Place your second candle "South," "East" and "West" and welcome love from all of these directions. Light them. Use these candles to welcome good energy and light.
  2. Hold the rose quartz crystals in your hands (hold them one at a time if they are large). Close your eyes or hold them to your heart. Focus your breath and your intention into this heart space and repeat an incantation that makes sense to you. This might be: "I welcome and am ready for love and light to enter into my life."
  3. Place the crystals inside the candle grid.
  4. Pick up your twin flame crystal, and again, hold it near your heart. Focus your intention on your crystal. Envision what your life will look like and manifest good energy. Envision what your love will look like and how they will help you to walk your true path.
  5. Place your twin flame crystal in the center and meditate on it.
  6. When you feel the ritual is complete, blow out the candles in the reverse order that you placed them, and with each extinguishment, whisper "Light and love."

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