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Chakra Energy Centers: The Crown Chakra

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The crown chakra is the 7th chakra and it resonates with the color violet.

The crown chakra is the 7th chakra and it resonates with the color violet.

Meaning and Functions of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the 7th chakra and it resonates with the color violet. Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara which is translated as "thousandfold." The element of the crown chakra is the cosmos and its function is thought and knowing. It is through our thoughts and experiences, good and bad, that we create our belief system.

In this center, we come to know a higher spiritual consciousness that helps to enlighten us on our path to our life purpose. As the crown chakra opens, we cultivate spiritual growth and understand there is a spiritual connection that goes beyond ourselves and further expands our concept of interconnectedness with all beings. We now understand that we are meant to live in joy and happiness, know peace and love and bring harmony and healing to our earthly world.

Everything is energy. Our thoughts become things. When we visualize our desires and feel the emotions that their physical reality creates, as if we are already experiencing it, we increase our vibration. If we have a lack of consciousness and constantly think and worry about what we don't have and don't want then our vibration is low. The Universe is always ready to give us the vibrational match that will manifest our reality. What we focus on, good or bad, is what we bring into our life.


  • Location: top of skull
  • Development: throughout life
  • Glandular connection: pineal gland
  • Physical association: Cerebral cortex and the nervous system
  • Psychological associations: thought, understanding, knowing
  • Color: violet or white
  • Musical note: B
  • Food: fasting or purple foods such as eggplant or purple cabbage
  • Type of music: Indian ragas
  • Element: the cosmos
  • Sensory experience: bliss
  • Essential oils/incense: violet, lavender, lotus, rosewood, frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver
  • Crystals: amethyst, alexandrite, clear quartz, diamond/Herkimer diamond, white tourmaline, sugilite, danburite


The positive archetype of the crown chakra is the "guru." You don't have to be a Buddhist monk and meditate all day to be a guru. A guru knows who he or she really is, acknowledges the divine source, and allows it to flow through them. A guru understands their limitations but opens up to the realm of infinite possibilities and embraces synchronicity and coincidence and the unknown. A guru understands connectedness with all beings and a knowing that they co-create their reality with and through "source."

The negative archetype of the crown chakra is the "egocentric." The egocentric makes his or her own way in the world. They believe they alone are responsible for all they have, all they have achieved, and who they are. They are primarily materialistic, self-absorbed, and narcissistic and will not look within or acknowledge an inexplicable spiritual presence.

Physical and Emotional Dysfunctions

The crown chakra is related physically to the upper brain, muscular and skeletal systems, the eyes, and the skin. Symptoms of imbalance can present as environmental allergies, chronic exhaustion, depression, apathy, psychosis, obsessive thinking, confusion, and Alzheimer's. One can feel isolated from the greater whole, be indecisive and unable to learn, and be materialistic and attached to earthly goods.

A balanced crown chakra will result in a connectedness with all that is, heightened spirituality, trust, inner peace and serenity, selflessness, and the ability to manifest dreams and miracles.

Balancing and Healing the Crown Chakra

  • Reiki
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • yoga
  • fasting
  • dancing
  • crystals
  • aroma therapy
Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

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