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How to Do a Chakra Reading With a Crystal Pendulum

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KimmySF is a writer and teacher who shares knowledge on chakra readings and crystals.

Crystal pendulum

Crystal pendulum

Connecting With Your Pendulum

First, you have to get a crystal pendulum and sit down with it, focusing your energy. Hold the pendulum between your thumb and pointer finger. You may want to put your elbow on a surface so that your arm doesn’t move. Ask the crystal to show you what way means yes or open.

The pendulum will begin swinging in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise. Whichever way it spins, that is the way that means yes/open. Then ask it to show you which way means no or closed. The pendulum should go in the opposite direction. You may need to do this a few times to be sure you’ve gotten the right information and that the pendulum consistently swings in one direction for yes/open and the opposite direction for no/closed.

Once you know which way means yes/open and no/closed, you’ll then want to test the accuracy. Start by asking a simple question that you know has a yes answer. For example, I might ask, “Is my name Kim?”

The pendulum should circle in the yes/open rotation. Think of a few yes and a few no questions to ensure the pendulum is working correctly.

Ideas for questions with yes or no answers:

  • Is my name _________?
  • Do I live in __________?
  • Do I have a sister named __________?
  • Is my mom’s name __________?
  • Do I have a dog?
  • Do I work at _________?

You get the idea!

Using the Pendulum on the Chakras

For this example of a reading, let’s say that the pendulum spinning clockwise means yes/open, and spinning counterclockwise means no/closed.

Once you’ve gotten an accurate reading with your pendulum, you’re ready to try it out on the chakras. You’ll need another person to practice with. Have the person lie down on his/her back. When you start the reading, you’ll go from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. Hold the pendulum about 6 inches above the person’s chakra. Do not move your hand in any way to guide the pendulum.

Once the pendulum senses the chakra’s energy, it will begin moving in a circular motion. If the pendulum moves clockwise, it means the person’s chakra is open. The pendulum may swing in small, tight circles or large, swooping circles. You can tell how open the chakra is based on the width of the circle.

If the chakra is closed, you can guide the person through visualizations in order to open the chakra. Following are some of the visuals and sounds you will want to ask the person to focus on.

Guided Imagery for the Chakras

First, always have them concentrate on the particular area of the body where the chakra lies. Then ask them to create the following mental images and sounds for the appropriate chakra:

Root: Imagine the color red. The element is earth. Imagine yourself standing barefoot on a dewy patch of grass or a dirt path. Feel your feet connected to the earth, rooted into the ground. Think of the sound LAM.

Sacral: Imagine the color orange. The element is water. Think of running tap water, a bath, or the ocean. Any body of water will do. Imagine water flowing down a stream or waves rolling in and out on the shore. Think of the sound VAM.

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Solar Plexus: Imagine the color yellow. The element is fire. Imagine watching the flames of a fire or hearing the cracking sounds. Picture the bright yellow flames. Think of the sound RAM.

Heart: Imagine the color green (pink is also associated with the heart chakra). The element is air. Feel a breeze brushing your cheek. Or imagine the sound of your breath moving in and out of your body. Think of the sound YAM.

Throat: Imagine the color blue. The element is sound, any sound that is pleasing to your ears. It could be crashing waves, birds chirping, or children laughing. Think of the sound HAM.

Third Eye: Imagine the color violet. The element is light. It could be the sun rising or setting. The faint glow of candlelight or the bright light that emanates from a bulb. Think of the sound OM.

Crown: Imagine the color white. The element is thought. Imagine all of the thoughts swimming around in your mind. Imagine releasing your thoughts into the world through the top of your head. Let go of your thoughts. The sound is silence, the space in the pause after the OM.

You may notice that the pendulum quickly begins swinging from a closed chakra to an open one. Sometimes it just takes focused mental energy on the chakra to open it. Other times, it may take a long time for the person to create images in the mind that open the chakra. And sometimes, the chakra remains closed despite efforts to bring focused energy into opening it. There is nothing wrong with a closed chakra, and in fact, it provides a starting point for exploration into the stagnant energy that is being held in that chakra and in our bodies. Sometimes it takes a deeper look for us to know how to heal a chakra and bring it back into balance.

Wheels of Life

If you are interested in learning more about the chakras, including what excesses and deficiencies (which lead to disease in the body) are associated with each chakra, I have two recommendations. There is a great book by Caroline Myss called The Anatomy of the Spirit, in which she discusses the different imbalances that can be held in each chakra. She uses real situations and anecdotes from her many years of experience as a healer. I would recommend this as a good starting place if one, or more, of your chakras are out of balance and you’d like to learn more. Anodea Judith also writes a clear, easy-to-read book about the chakras, Wheels of Life. In addition to giving basic information about each chakra, she also discusses imbalances and gives yoga poses that are good for each chakra.

The Anatomy of the Spirit

Author Websites for Further Information

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cheryl on November 29, 2012:

Found the information very interesting,have been using a crystal and found it to be so acurate, many thanks

John Nauss on August 11, 2012:

Are you familiar with the fundamental analysis of a chakra? That was David V. Tansley's work. You have lovely information and great presentation but no mention of doing a fundamental analysis...without it, one cannot understand nor see the imbalances. If one says that is not necessary, then one penetrates only the personality and etheric parts...

natalie on August 15, 2011:

About the 3rd question demanding the truth-I learned as part of Wiccan studies that an unpleasant spirit cannot lie the 3rd time. Them magic of three and all that. I would take the different answer as an indication to not trust the first 2.Of course, it could be you are unsure and causing the difference. Maybe try another divination method to get an answer

Saskia on August 11, 2011:

I was once told that you need to ask the pendulum the same question 3 times and on the final time add the words '... and by the laws of universe you must tell me the truth'. I've often had a different answer once I add these words on the 3rd repeat and it freaks me out! What do you think?

wendy on August 06, 2011:

HI there i have a pendium and the tip has brocken off will it still work for me,please can you help by telling me the answer thanks loads ....wendy

Michele on August 03, 2011:

I got sent a pendulum for a gift. I thought I had it worked out though I've only had it for 2 weeks. When I ask it to stop, it slows down and other times not too often, it may go around anti-clockwise or swing to what I think is no... other than that, I will keep learning about it as I go along

destiny on March 24, 2011:

Where can i buy a pendulum necklace??

Please answer back


Abby on January 02, 2011:

The piece of stone on the other side of the chain came off and i dont know if i can still use it... Can I?

Craig on October 30, 2010:


actually you should stay at it... it just means that ur pendulum isn't connected with you yet...but it will if u show it both patients and persistance as in keep asking questions until it settals into set swings

Bonnie on August 27, 2010:

Sometimes my pendulum will answer with a yes, but then it turns into a no, and then it goes kinda weird. Has this ever happened to you? I assume that I shouldn't use it when it does that, right?

Lena on August 17, 2010:


I asked my pendulum for my yes. at first, this was counter clock wise . This seemed consistent at first, then it started turning clock wise. I was confused at to what this meant, if anything. I should mention that no was back and forth, clearly distinct from the circles.

hdrider on June 21, 2010:

I believe each reads different depending on the spirit or spirit guide you are contacting. I've had mine ready clockwise for yes, counter clockwise for no. And I've also had it read clockwise for yes and back and forth in a straight line for no. but it always stops when I'm between questions and ask it to stop.

Dara on May 04, 2010:

Yes I agree. everyone's yes and no is different yes maybe back and forth or in a circle clockwise for a lot of people and counter clockwise and side to side for no or it can be completely different just ask it to show you what means yeas for you and what means no.

Tina on May 02, 2010:

My Pendulum swings back and forth for no. Goes round and round for yes. I ask it stop and it just stops. I Was told this is just how mine works for me. Do you agree?


Shawn on November 06, 2009:

When my pendulum swings back and forth then it means it is in the 'rest' or starting position, i usually hold it in the rest position and ask it to indicate the status of the chakra or to connect with the chakra, then it usually starts swinging in a circular fashion, if it stays in the rest position and is sluggish to move then u might want to turn it around on the string or chain, i have found even if it has a broken tip it still works and sometimes the polarity makes a difference, that is why i turn it.

lizzy on September 07, 2009:

when a pendulum has a broken tip is it ok to still use it

Ian on November 22, 2008:

If the pendulum goes into a circle what does that mean, and if it goes just back and forth what does that mean?

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