Combining Crystals With Other Healing Modalities

Updated on December 11, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

There is a huge variety of natural healing modalities and each has its own theories, ways of working and techniques. Although crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine that stands alone in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, it can also be combined with other healing methods to boost healing.

Each healing modality has its own special characteristics and specialties, so there are certain crystals that work well with each. It is not necessary for practitioners to have any in-depth knowledge of crystal healing in order to incorporate them into their healing practices. However, as with most subjects, the more knowledge and experience you have, the more you are able to provide correct and beneficial information and experiences to others.

Some examples of healing methods that crystals can be used with include acupressure, acupuncture, chakra balancing, Chinese medicine, colour therapy, meditation and reflexology.

Clear quartz is also known as the master healer.
Clear quartz is also known as the master healer. | Source

When crystals are used in combination with other therapies, they require the same care as when used solely in healing. Stones will need to thoroughly cleansed particular if they are used with multiple people or are kept out on display. This will stop the transfer of unwanted and negative energies between people and ensure that they can be healed for their highest good. Cleansing can be carried out in a number of ways such as by using water, smudging or moonlight.

Crystals can also be programmed with your intent for the healing session and many people believe that this increases their success. For general use, crystals can be placed on or around the body, kept in the treatment room or held by the person receiving the healing. They can also be worn or carried by the healer, for example, in their pocket. One may incorporate crystals into a healing session by placing them under or around a therapy bed or chair. Depending on the healing modality, there may also be additional methods that can be used.

If you unsure of which crystal to choose or are unable to research, clear quartz crystals are an excellent choice. This stone is often known as the master healer as it can work with all situations and has the ability to absorb, store, amplify, focus and transform energy.

Model showing acupuncture points on the head and neck.
Model showing acupuncture points on the head and neck. | Source


This form of natural healing involves working with the meridian system by inserting thin needles into the body at various points. Crystals can be used to enhance the healing experience of acupuncture sessions. The vibrational and colour energies of these stones have the ability to direct and stimulate the healing energy.

One method of combining the healing vibrations of crystals with acupuncture is to place them in the therapy room. Crystals should be chosen based on the issues being worked with and can be held by the patient or carried in a practitioner's pocket.

Aromatherapy oils can be bought in many varieties.
Aromatherapy oils can be bought in many varieties. | Source


Aromatherapy uses the scents of essential oils to achieve healing. Crystals can be placed into bottles of essential oils and oil blends to infuse the contents with their healing and beneficial energy. Tumble stones are a good choice for this kind of work and in the case of very small bottles or amounts of oil, tumble stone chips can be used.

Not all crystals are suitable for this use as some are very sensitive to moisture or are soft and can be damaged easily. If you would prefer not to place the crystals into the oil directly, they can be set around the bottle and left overnight. This will infuse their vibrations into the oil indirectly.

Massage oils can be infused with the beneficial properties of healing crystals.
Massage oils can be infused with the beneficial properties of healing crystals. | Source


Crystal-infused oils can be used in massage or stones can be placed on the body during a massage session. Massage oils can be infused with crystals vibrations by placing the stones around the bottle and leaving them in place overnight. The crystals can be placed into the oil directly but this may damage some varieties and not all are safe for this use.

Crystals that have a calm soothing energy, such as blue lace agate or rose quartz, can be placed in the room during a massage session to help create a relaxing and healing atmosphere. It is also possible to buy crystal massage wands.

Meditation is a highly beneficial practice for the mind, body and soul.
Meditation is a highly beneficial practice for the mind, body and soul. | Source


Meditation can be an extremely beneficial practice for our mind, body and spirit. It can aid relaxation, help to release unproductive thoughts and feelings and calm and clear the mind. Crystals can be used to deepen a meditation experience and increase insight. If you are meditating on a specific issue choosing a related crystal can be a powerful addition to your practice.

Quartz is an excellent crystal for meditation as it helps to clear the mind and keep your focus on your intention. When used in meditation, selenite facilitates the release of energy blockages and any negativity. Another stone that is commonly used in meditation is amethyst. This is a highly spiritual stone that can increase spiritual wisdom and enhance psychic gifts.

Crystals can be held or can be used to create grid around the body during mediation. Grids like this can be useful for chakra balancing and healing meditations. Crystals can also be used as a focus during meditation to stop your attention wandering.

Chart showing reflexology points.
Chart showing reflexology points. | Source


Like acupuncture, reflexology works with pressure points to restore the body to a state of balance. Crystals can be used to boost this energy rebalancing and release of blockages. Creating crystal grids around the patient is beneficial; quartz points can also be placed at the patient’s feet. It may also be possible to stimulate the pressure points using crystals if this is done gently.

Crystals can be infussed with reiki energy or used in treatments.
Crystals can be infussed with reiki energy or used in treatments. | Source


Crystal grids are often used in reiki and these can be created around the client or underneath the therapy bed. They are also of great benefit when used in chakra healing and balancing and this can be achieved by placing a crystal on to each of the seven main chakras.

The crystals chosen should either correspond with the chakra's colour or be stones that are linked to the chakra. These do tend to be the same colour, but this is not always the case. If you feel that only one or a few chakras need work, then it is fine to only places crystals on these.

If you feel guided to do so another good method is for a client to hold a crystal during the reiki session. It is also possible to infuse a crystal with reiki energy to be used during or outside of healing sessions. This can be carried out by practitioners of all levels and if you wish and have been attuned to them, you can use reiki symbols to infuse a more powerful attunement.

One simple way to infuse a crystal with reiki is to connect to reiki as you normally would and then hold the stone in your hands or place your hands over the stone. Send reiki to the crystal for at least five minutes or until the flow dissipates or you feel the crystal is fully charged. You can also direct any of the reiki symbols to the crystal if you feel guided to do so. Close the reiki session by your normal method and thank the energy and any guides.

Shiatsu is a healing form of massage.
Shiatsu is a healing form of massage. | Source


Shiatsu originated in Japan and was influenced by both Chinese medicine and newer Western therapies. Treatments involve using touch, comfortable pressure and manipulation techniques to adjust body structure and energy flow. Shiatsu is a very relaxing therapy that can help in maintaining health and well-being on all levels as well as alleviating stress and illness.

This therapy can be thought of as a healing form of massage that works with pressure points as the meridians that run throughout the body. The healing energy of crystals can be of benefit not only in helping a client relax but in adding their healing powers to the session. As crystals can be used to help release energy blockages and maintain healing energy flow around the body, it is easy to see how they would enhance a shiatsu treatment. It may also be possible to use crystal massage wands in the treatment or use crystal points to direct healing energy where it is needed most.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2018 Claire


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      Thank you and you're welcome.

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      Thank you for such an interesting and informative hub.


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