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How to Conduct Your Own Energy Healing


Many people will offer their bodies and souls to a person who claims to heal them through energy healing. This could be someone claiming to be a spiritual healer. I'm not out to dispute spiritual healers, just want help release the spiritual healer in you! You can claim the best healing energy by doing it yourself!

Now, what is this energy healing anyway? Firstly, it is one of the healing therapies that tap into a higher vibration. Secondly, it is a way for an intermediary, or healer, to unblock problems in the client’s energy force field by using the cosmic forces.

This energy force that surrounds people is called an aura. Healing through energy is supposed to alleviate physical pain and suffering. It is this, it is believed, that results from damage to the aura rather than the other way around.

What I am proposing in this article is that it isn't necessary to have an intermediary healer to channel healing energy - you can heal yourself by healing rituals such as the one that I will show.

Is Energy Healing Just Wishful Thinking?

Some cynics might say that such rituals create a placebo effect on believers. This is a psychological technique, for example a pill is administered to a patient without any medicinal value without prior knowledge given.

The patient, therefore, thinks he has taken medicine when all he has done is swallowed a mint! He might be convinced that the ‘pill’ had made him feel better when there was nothing in the pill to cause this. The symptoms, therefore, have been diminished purely through psychological means.

Divine Energy - Divine Light!

Divine Energy - Divine Light!

Does Healing Energy Come from a Divine Source?

The believers may swear that the effects of energy healing is from a divine source – a healing energy that has descended from higher consciousness to cure their ailment by repairing the cosmic force that surrounds them… their aura.

Does healing energy come from a divine source? There have been many reports that suggest that it works and this can not be practically explained. Whether it a placebo effect or descended from some divine source, if it works for people, can it be a bad thing? I shall leave that for you to decide.

Now if you understand the concept of merging energies through interactions with each other and the world, then you might understand that it may not necessarily be in your best interests to open your energy to just anyone. That is to say, if you are believer.

Merging energies is a cause and effect. It is like the action of currents in the sea, for example. Just because you can't see these currents, doesn't mean they aren't there. You can feel them and they can change with an action. This is how you might think of cosmic energy. Contained within it are various vibrations that are neutral, causing damage or a healing influence to other energy forms. Each vibration has its own frequency and can be tapped into depending on the skill and intention of the practitioner.

Trust Your Healer?

Consider this, for example, would you put yourself in the hands of Alistair Crowley, Adolph Hitler or Mary Magdalene for healing? Would you, if you believe in the soul, lay yourself in the hands of any Tom, Dick or Harry? You might say yes to Mary Magdalene but definitely no to Hitler or Crowley. Both notorious with evil intentions. Each person operates at their own personal vibration. and who’s to say what sort of life the healer you hire has led and what their intentions are in life.

The point I am trying to highlight is why endear the most precious thing you own – the very essence of you – your soul - to a stranger? This requires an awful lot of trust. Do you know their life path, the things they have done, and who these people really are? I, personally, wouldn’t do it. I would rather heal myself with energy healing without the influence of someone else’s soul penetrating and manipulating mine. I can know my good intentions, but I can't possibly know what other's are!

You Can Heal Yourself . . .

Opening yourself can make you vulnerable, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. Someone like Crowley, for instance, may kid you that he is healing you but maybe sucking off your spiritual energy to use for his purpose – whatever that is! Again, I shall let you make up your own mind on this.

You know your intentions and you can heal yourself through energy healing. Don’t let anyone else kid you that they are the only special ones that can do this – everyone has the capability.

Energy Healing - It Is Time To Practice One of My Healing Rituals

Now let me tell you how. First light three white t-lights and as you light them focus on thanking the energy for the protection and life that has been given to you. You must appreciate that you have been blessed.

Put some relaxation music on and run a bath. All the time keep peaceful and quiet whilst focusing upon a ball of light in your mind’s eye. Cleanse yourself and bathe in the warmth of the water. Keep focusing on that light. Pull the plug out and remain in the bath. As the water drains away, feel the negativity drain down the plughole until it is all gone. You will feel it all draining away from you.

Get out of the bath and gently dry yourself, Keep in your mind that ball of light and go and lie down somewhere comfortable.

Let the Light In - Energy Healing Can Heal Your Life

Let the Light In - Energy Healing Can Heal Your Life

Whilst you are lying, imagine an invisible cloak around you. This is a way of protecting your aura. Now imagine that brightly lit ball at the tip of your toes. Let it make its way up your body – let it’s love and light shine on you as it repairs your light.

Allow it to travel up your body, healing you and loving you. Let the love shine through and connect with you. Bring it up further until it reaches the top of your head and from the top allow it to connect to you and create a ring around your whole being. When you feel that it is enough, open your eyes and, in your own time, bring yourself back to the physical world.

Now, you have healed yourself through energy healing - without the influence of any other but yourself! This is free healing - as it should be!

I shall be interested in your comments as to how well you do with this – please let me know and remember to spread the looooooooove!

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Lela on June 03, 2018:

Lovely guided meditation!

Just a grammar tip, you might wish to fix

" let it’s love and light shine on you as it repairs your light",

which should be " let its love...". ("It's" is a contraction of "it is",

and "its" is possessive.)

Love and Light to You!

Karen Kay from Jackson, MS on November 17, 2015:

Nice hub! Imagining a cloak around me now... just what I needed today. Thank you!

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on June 01, 2012:

Skeptik... you are perfect at your present place. I respect your truth. You have to find your own individual way toward joy and as this is your view, this is right for you. I am happy and grateful that you understand 'energy' so completely when the greatest scientists of now and past still admit that there is still lots to learn. I bow to your wisdom.

Blessings x

Skeptik on May 31, 2012:

Energy is a quantifiable measurement of work capability, not a floating orb that you can take from. Skeptoid can answer any other questions.

Shine on April 22, 2012:

Clean the affected wound with a powerful electric blue light. Next.visualize a powerful white light entering the affected wound.

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on February 17, 2012:

Thank you Barbs.

Sweetguide - Good for you! Go directly to 'source' and be healed. Trust your soul to the infinate for which your spirit emenates - let no one intervene with your relationship with God. Love and blessings to you and Barbs xxx

sweetguide from River side on February 15, 2012:

This is really awesome

very good advice, think I'll print this out! :)

Barbara Anne Helberg from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA on September 01, 2011:

@shazwellny...This Hub is very thought-provoking in photos and in prose. The joy of ourselves should always be celebrated!

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 13, 2011:

The meaning of your life is joy. I hope that through healing yourself, you will find that joy that is inherant and deep within your being.

Bless you

ReikiHelper on March 11, 2011:

Great hub, really enjoyed it - I love Energy Healing too.

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on November 06, 2010:

Thank you Neil Sperling for your valued comment.

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on November 01, 2010:

Shaz - I've studied and practiced meditation since early 80's.... and as you say Rituals aid one in opening the spirit and once you have been in that state often enough one can turn it on at will. Healing is certainly part of awakening and your hub is very informative and well done.

Love - Light - Laughter


shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on September 22, 2010:

Top Universe... and you would be rather surprised to find that people report a great feeling of wellbeing and eurphoria! Why not do it yourself? *wink*

TopUniverse on September 21, 2010:

"Free Healing! Do It Yourself!"

I like it.

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on September 07, 2010:

sujju... no it is an easy theory... Just believe in yourself that you can heal yourself, practice my techniques and you will be amazed in the results.

Thanks for reading and if you want to contact me, you can:)

sujju from mangalore, india on September 07, 2010:

very nice...its such a wonderful yet confusing theory...

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on July 20, 2010:

Thanks silvergene - Is it definitely a holistic view of health that is needed. Thanks for reading :)

SilverGenes on July 17, 2010:

Energy healing is finally gaining some converts in the traditional medicine field, too. There is so much to learn and like children who haven't been taught, we don't recognize most of it. Thanks for sharing :)

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on June 20, 2010:

Hi Elena,

Yes Glastonbury is it's usual spiritual and peaceful self. We are all excited about the looming festival. Fingers crossed for the same sort of weather as today!

Glad to hear you find energy healing is helping and eradiating from youir pc.

Love and peace x

Elena from London, UK on June 20, 2010:

Beautiful Hub and I'm sure it works. Just reading it makes one feel calm (the Do it yourself bit).

Thanks for sharing this. Hope the weather is lovely in Wales and you have a beach nearby, to enjoy summer.

Regards, Elena x

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on June 05, 2010:

Vivekananda - you will find that there are similar ritualistic themes in all spiritual denominations. The seem to be different labels or terms but same practice.

Thanks for your comment

vivekananda from India on June 05, 2010:

Interesting topic. In India, they call it Reiki. I want to try this.

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on April 10, 2010:

Thank you Patrick. Im glad you liked it:)

Patrick Collins on April 10, 2010:

awesome hub

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 18, 2010:

MFB - Yes, I think this too! There is a link to the spiritual world (or light, God, higher consciousness - whatever label you wish to give it!). Tap into it - it is a resource that will guide you through life and help you to become intuned to truth - your truth - because what is right for you might not be right some another!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Matthew Frederick Blowers III from United States on March 17, 2010:

As soon as I can get some tea lights, and a warm bath running I will start healing. They say that when we die we also go into a bright white tunnel of light so it makes sense, because in death we find the ultimate healing on the other side. Thanks for a great hub.~~~MFB III

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 17, 2010:

Faybe - just lie back and relax... find your inner peace and go on a journey of self enlightenment. All is calm and all is bright - with love fill yourself with pink glowing light. Feel the love and be the love.


Faye Constantino from Florida on March 17, 2010:

Faye Constantino from Florida on March 17, 2010:

I love this. I might just stay here. :)

You don't mind if I pull up a chair and sit a spell?

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 14, 2010:

Hi Hillary - You are absolutely right.. all good healers! I guess we have to let people judge for themselves who is good for them... who can work at that individual's vibration.

Yes, a psychic vampire will always ask if it is alright to tap into their patients psychie before sucking off them. hehehe

You see most people arent as attuned like you Hilliary. You would know a good healer! You have developed a recogition from your heart - a sixth sense. This feeling tells you no lies.

Most desperate, ordinary folk, might not have that level of attunement - like the Doctor with the stethescope, they trust that the Doctor knows best.

This hub is about truth and reality in the spiritual realms. I believe in first do no harm - hopefully through the practice from my hub's instructions, people will become more attuned and will know the difference between compatible healers, just by listening to their hearts.

I thank you for highlighting how important and wise it is to have trust for healers... however, the spiritual path is dogged with pitfalls and is a solitary, learned and individual journey, ultimately.

Love, peace and harmony my friend x

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on March 14, 2010:

Great advice shaz; we all have the power and you've instilled the confidence. As for the negative healers out there..it's always wise to have complete trust in your healers, even those with the stethoscopes around their necks! Similarly, all good energy healers always ask for their "patients'" permission before they send healing energy. That's what I learned in my Reiki practice.

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 08, 2010:

Thank you Seamist! Im glad you liked it. It is wonderful to be thanked by your peers! Loooooooooove x

seamist from Northern Minnesota on March 08, 2010:

Great hub Shazwellyn!

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 06, 2010:

hynodude... well, go for it babes... Laugh out loud - get those lovely endorphines going - I am pleasuring you without even touching you! hehehe Spread da looooooooove! xx

Andrew from Italy on March 06, 2010:

Interesting concepts, and well explained. That's why I rated it up. As you said when in need we should be double aware to whom we go for help as sometimes people is not as good as it seems.

Sorry, but any time I finish one of your hubs I always begin to laugh reading your battle scream. :)

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

Sage... You will certainly feel a difference! Lovely you popped over! x

Sage Williams on March 05, 2010:

I love rituals like this, will definitely give it a try. One of my favorite rituals has always been candlelight baths with relaxation music, just need to add this last piece.

Great Job!


shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

Lyria... ritual is for us to attune and consolidate our physical and mental with the spiritual. This unites the three. Onces you master ritual, like this, you find that there is no need for this tool anymore - it becomes obsolete. It is almost like you can access your higher consciousness at an instant. All communication is through your heart.

Thanks for reading my friend x

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

Dream on.. the journey to spiritual enlightenment is a difficult one. What you have to consider is that 'it is not enough to seek life's meaning and ponder upon it... but to LIVE IT!... Life is for living! Live it like the grasping of every breath and with this look to your heart for good intentions. Don't think in terms of what can you do for me, but in terms of what I can do for you' (Shazwellyn quote). You can heal yourself! x

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

Morchai... Just saying it will even make it happen! Spread the loooooove! x

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

@hubby7... well, you might find out that it all boils down to the same common denominator in spiritual terms - just with different was of labelling it.

Good luck my friend x

shazwellyn (author) from Great Britain on March 05, 2010:

Hi Mystic! I hope you didn't think that I suggested EVERY healer has hidden motives. That would be terribly stereotypical! I did write the following: 'Consider this, for example, would you put yourself in the hands of Alistair Crowley, Adolph Hitler or Mary Magdalene for healing? ....You might say yes to Mary Magdalene but definitely no to Hitler or Crowley. Both notorious with evil intentions' I also said to make you own mind up, but I, personally, wouldn't allow someone else to heal me - but that is me!

Thought it might be worth considering... everything is balance. If you are positive, what do you think you attract? Just think in terms of nature and magnets. Personally, I try and maintain neutrality - sometimes I am successful, sometimes I'm not.

Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked it.

Shaz x

p.s. have you ever heard of psychic vampires? Have you ever been around someone and afterwards you feel absolutely exhausted? Apparently, they steal your psychic energy. That is why to encircle yourself helps with psychic defense. But I guess, that is another hub! hehehe

Lyria on March 05, 2010:

Your hub is full of positive energy and ideas. It is such a relief to be reminded to trust ourselves and know that everything we need, we already have. Great hub!

DREAM ON on March 04, 2010:

One step closer for me to find out more about myself.I will have to practice it.I like this hub very much.

MordechaiZoltan on March 04, 2010:

Heal me!

hubby7 from Chicago on March 04, 2010:

Interesting hub. I'm not into energy healing, but I am moving in that direction. I want to learn a whole lot more about it. Thanks.

Mystique1957 from Caracas-Venezuela on March 04, 2010:


I agree with you that we must learn to heal ourselves and spread love around. I have done it before. Nevertheless, I cannot share the fact that every healer could have hidden motives to "steal" your energy or do you harm. Trust, like Faith is taken with confidence in goodness and caring from the heart. We are sensitive enough to detect a bad vibe and protect ourselves. Not everyone is at the same level of evolution, and certainly not every healer is your runner of the mill thud. Well, that´s my own thinking! I try to find good in everything I see. It isn´t easy but I try to be bright instead of dark.

Very good hub. Great techniques! I loved them!

Thumbs up!

warm regards and blessings,


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