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Healing Crystals, Their Properties and Powers: Jade, Garnet, and Obsidian

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Susan is an online writer and programmer with an interest in healing crystals.

Learn about Jade, Garnet, and Obsidian as healing crystals.

Learn about Jade, Garnet, and Obsidian as healing crystals.

Healing Crystals

Crystals have many healing properties and powers; these powers can vary from crystal to crystal. Whether you want to use crystals for healing, a little bit of luck, or something to admire, there are plenty of crystals out there to suit your needs.

In past articles, I have focused on Rose Quartz, Citrine, Tiger's Eye and many more. Today, I am focusing on four common crystals and stones which are very powerful and can draw abundance to you. These crystals are:

  • Agate
  • Jade
  • Obsidian
  • Garnet

This article will focus on each crystal individually and describe the healing and spiritual properties each crystal has.

Jade helps you to balance and stabilise your emotions as well as your body fluids.

Jade helps you to balance and stabilise your emotions as well as your body fluids.

Jade: The Lucky Stone

If you need a little luck in your life, Jade is the perfect stone to go to.

Powers and Properties of Jade

Jade is a green to turquoise-coloured stone which is smooth and is fairly common to find. It has been known for centuries to bring luck, money and abundance to the wearer or carrier of that stone. It could be its 'money-green' colour which attracts all those green one-dollar bills!

Its characteristics are similar to that of Citrine; it attracts prosperity, which is Citrine's best power. It is a very cooling and relaxing stone and helps the wearer to discover its inner talents and helps each person to find small gifts that the universe may present to them.

However, its powers aren't limited to the physical world. Spiritually, it has a loving, caring and nurturing aura and brings peace and serenity. Its soothing range of pastel colours emphasises on being gentle and caring.

Green Jade was a very important stone in the Middle East, especially in China, and they made ornaments and other objects with Green Jade. As you can see in the picture to

Jade also encourages balance; it balances the body fluids and is Libra's birthstone among Gemini, Taurus, Gemini and Aries. This stone emphasises on The Heart Chakra. This amazing stone also attracts friendship.

It comes in a range of soft, pastel colours, including light green, pearly white, coral pink, lavender, turquoise and sky blue.

Green Jade

This highly popular stone is harmonizing and calming and brings peace and serenity. If you are nervous about something, try keeping this in your pocket, and the Green Jade should calm you.

Brown Jade

This is an earthly stone and helps you reconnect with the Earth and nature.

Yellow Jade

This brings a dynamic energy to the area around it but does it humbly and does not overpower your emotions. This yellow stone brings positivity yet is calming, like other coloured Jade stones.

Did you Know?

The English word 'Jade' came from the French word l'ejade which derived from the Spanish word piedra de ijida meaning lion stone. It was called 'lion stone' in Spanish because of the cures it performed on those with kidney or lion problems. Today, Jade is still used by crystal healers to help alleviate kidney problems.

Garnet Healing Powers and Properties

Garnet is known to be a very powerful stone, from its deep red colour and powerful aura.

  • It helps one overcome depression and has a positive aura and outlook on things. It is known to attract prosperity, and help one achieve personal success. It also helps businesses achieve success.
  • It is a hugely energizing stone, and is very powerful in doing so. It rebalances the body, cleanses the chakras and helps overcome wrong emotions.
  • This crystal boosts your creative spirit helping you with writing songs, painting a picture, designing something, or writing an article. It can help writers overcome writer's block and stimulate new ideas and creativity.
  • To harness the powers of this amazing stone, try holding a large Garnet in your hand or place four to five small Garnet pieces around your computer, writing pad or art studio, to help you get some creative juices flowing.
This is cut obsidian stone, you can buy Obsidian polished also.

This is cut obsidian stone, you can buy Obsidian polished also.


Obsidian was formed when lava cooled very quickly and so crystals didn't have any time to form. It is a smooth, hard black stone and is mainly mined in Mexico.

It is a very powerful stone, sometimes a little too powerful and its main attribute is to dispel negative energies. It has the power to heal the worst of illnesses and is one of the most valuable stones to crystal healers. It protects against psychic attack and stress and is highly protective. It aids against mental problems and low self esteem.

It is handy when trying to resolve conflict and will present many unknown truths to the user. It helps shock, and reduces pain in many areas including bones, joints and aids digestion.

This stone is amazing, never underestimate the powers it has. This stone will help with any problems you may have.

How To Use Your Jade, Garnet or Obsidian

If you want to use one of these stones to help you, firstly you need to buy one. They can be bought raw, polished or tumbled. You can buy the stones on Amazon, eBay or in specialist crystal healing shops. I will use Jade as an example. Once you have your stone, say out loud; 'I program my Jade to ...(fill)'. You might want it to calm you, look for friendship, heal a certain kidney problem or you may want some luck and prosperity. Now your stone is ready to use! Simply keep it in your pocket for the day and leave by your bedside at night.

Sunlight will help to cleanse your crystals and re-energize them.

Sunlight will help to cleanse your crystals and re-energize them.

Make Sure To Cleanse!

If you have bought a particular crystal or stone in the past, you will have to cleanse it. This means that you have to purify it and prepare for doing its work once more. It is very easy to cleanse your crystals or stones, here are some ways to do it.

  • Place non-fragile stones or crystals in seawater.
  • Place your crystals in sunlight and leave there for five hours. Please note that direct sunlight may affect or fade the colour on some crystals.
  • Place your stones in moonlight to regenerate their power.
  • For fragile stones, buy a specialist crystal cleansing spray and spray mist once.
  • You can buy a Citrine crystal and place it among your stones and leave there for a few hours.

A Quick Summary on Each Crystal





Serenity and Peace


Aids sensitivity

Good Luck

Business Success

Helps resolve conflict



Helps against psychic attack

Kidney Problems

Personal Success

Helps bones and arthritis

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Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on July 11, 2018:

Super article. Thanks for the info.

Susan W (author) from The British Isles, Europe on May 22, 2014:

Richard ~ Thanks for the great comments, I greatly appreciate them. Garnet crystals are beautiful, I never really knew that you could collect them. By the sea, I bet they are truly amazing to look at. Their healing powers are also very beneficial too, they are great for boosting that creative spirit!

Richard Francis Fleck from Denver, Colorado on May 22, 2014:

Thanks for sharing this neat information. I used to collect garnet crystals along the coast of Maine just for their beauty- I didn't know about their special powers.

Susan W (author) from The British Isles, Europe on October 16, 2013:

Hi Mystic Moonlight!

Thank you so much for reading this hub and commenting, yes, it really is hard to find a stone or crystal which is my favourite. I can see why you like garnet, it has such a deep red colour and energizes me plus stimulates my creativity (great for writing hubs!).

Thanks again, Mystic Moonlight!

MysticMoonlight on October 15, 2013:

Great information, susi10. I'm a collector and love all of these crystals and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite among them. I do tend to be partial to garnet as it is my birthstone :)

Susan W (author) from The British Isles, Europe on August 10, 2013:

Thanks for reading, Poetic Philosophy! Glad you liked it.

PoeticPhilosophy from Canada on August 09, 2013:

This is cool! Awesome hub Susi.