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How to Get Into a Meditative State

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Rewire your brain.

Rewire your brain.

I recently started listening to a special kind of music that works on different frequencies known as the alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta brainwaves. The goal of this kind of music is to create entrainment in the brain.

Each brainwave (explained below) links to a specific state. You are in an alpha brainwave when you are awake but relaxed and not processing much information. Delta brainwaves link to deep, dreamless sleep, and a deeply relaxed state.

As human beings, we have systems and levels vibrating at frequencies all interacting to form reality as we perceive it.

Entrainment involves synchronizing these various vibrational energies and frequencies. We can entrain anything that vibrates. If several things are vibrating at the same time and are close to each other, the strongest resonator will win and becomes the guiding force to the rest of the system. All then conform to the state of the guiding force[i].

Brainwave entrainment inputs special frequencies into the ears. Each ear receives a different frequency, which forces the brain to combine these sounds into its two hemispheres. There are special binaural headphones that play music, especially for this purpose. This combined signal in the brain forms a rhythm that equals the difference between the two separate frequencies inputted. These binaural beats are tuned to the preferred brainwave frequency level, which entrains the brain into that state.

Study Of Binaural Beats

A study by A. Gupta, E. Ramdinmawii, and V. K. Mittal provided scientific evidence that alpha binaural beats and music can help a person achieve a relaxed state of mind and a meditative state[ii].

The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons. Each neuron speaks with tens of thousands of other neurons to convey messages in the brain.

Considerable electrical activity is generated in the brain over synaptic joints of such neurons sending signals at very low frequencies below (50 Hz), so forming the brainwave pattern.

The brainwaves are categorized as alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta, consistent with different frequency ranges.

Alpha binaural beats of 10 Hz are generated when the auditory effect of 10 Hz is created in the brain by playing the binaural beats of 370 Hz and 380 Hz for the left and right ears respectively.

Binaural beats work only when heard with an earphone or headphone, best with special binaural headphones.

How To Harness Entrainment In Yourself?

In vibrational entrainment, there are different frequencies at which we could vibrate.

  1. Amplitude, strength, or scale of the field we emanate or are exposed to.
  2. Coherence or how focused we can be to bring about a particular state of vibration or resonance. To radiate the vibration of compassion, we must come to that state of being and embody it so that our focus is only on compassion.
  3. Duration or how long we can keep that state of coherence to make a lasting impact.

Meditation and similar practices help us to reach coherence and to hold our focus for an extended period. Daily practice strengthens our ability to intentionally direct our energies to the outside.

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Coherence is when we can maintain our psychological and spiritual balance, are centered and calm. When we achieve coherence, sustain it, develop strength in our energy field, and are in control of our energies, we can make a stronger impact to change ourselves and the world.

We can become a powerful resonator and attune our environment and others around us into a higher vibration. As we perfect our ability to reach a high degree of coherence, such as maintaining the vibration of peace, we become a positive influence on the people we come across.

We can learn to build and maintain a coherent state of peaceful emotion and cultivate a quiet mind. By entraining our senses into a coherent state, we draw our nervous system and our brain into that state.


Spiritual And Physical Practice

With our ordinary five senses, we pay attention, focus on a single frequency, and extend our range of perception to a wider range of frequencies.

Our senses can feel a wide range, but our brain can only perceive a small percentage. Our goal is to become more conscious of what it is we are perceiving. We do that by training ourselves to have focus and bring our attention to details and not assume anything.

To expand our range of perception, we train our senses to become more aware of the subtleties we usually skip over. To broaden our range of perception and stretch our sensory range, we need to re-train our brain and our nervous system.

Our bodies are instruments of perception, perceiving all the frequencies coming into our system. One of the ways we perceive is through our physical senses, but our bodies can also perceive more subtle energies such as magnetic, etheric, auric, and dimensional energies. These subtle energies and vibrations are the five spiritual senses that we experience through our intuitive perceptions. These intuitive perceptions are the five clairs: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairgustance, Clairtangency, and Clairsentience.

We perceive subtle energy fields with our intuition. Our bodies perceive the resonating frequencies in our biofield. We may be unaware of these vibrating frequencies, but we can expand our spiritual and physical senses to perceive them in a more meaningful way.

We can increase our conscious awareness of what we perceive by looking at the details and not assuming. Instead of glancing over things and forcing the brain to fill in details with assumptions and expectations, we could look and pay attention to all the details.

Assuming is the enemy of perception.

— Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. physicist and metaphysicist

The Song Of Our Brain

A scientist made music from the brain signals between two brain cells. By working on improving the functioning of our brainwaves, we could be working on the song of our brain. Would a higher state of awareness make a more beautiful song? I bet.

Exercise To Improve Your Inner Vision

For an enhanced awareness of details and to entrain your inner vision, Theresa Bullard recommended doing this exercise. To see a tangible improvement, she recommended 11 minutes a day for twenty-eight consecutive days.

  1. Pick an object across the room and look closely at the details.
  2. Close your eyes and try to remember all the details.
  3. After a while, open your eyes and notice what you have missed.
  4. Now, roll a piece of paper and use it as a telescope to look through it.
  5. Little by little, move closer to the object until you are right next to it looking at all the details through the paper telescope.
  6. Now, open your eyes and look at it in a regular way taking in any other details.
  7. Now, back up slowly holding your focus on the item. Sit down, close your eyes, and recreate the image in your mind with all the details.
  8. Compare this with your first attempt at recreating the image in your mind.

You can modify this exercise by working on another physical sense like your sense of hearing, smelling, or tasting.

Newest psychedelic drug?

"Newest psychedelic drug — is sound? How people are using binaural beats to get high". Chris Malore wrote and published this article in Brain Tomorrow online magazine on March 31, 2022.

A study done by researchers from the Australian RMIT University looked at the phenomenon of binaural beats, which are sounds that can cause a psychoactive influence on the brain.

The study stated there is "little evidence backing up the claims". The researchers doubted the effectiveness and safety of listening to these beats, even though people around the world, especially young people, use the supposedly psychedelic audio clips.

I have included this study because I know there is nothing psychedelic in listening to these sound recordings. When I listen to the Alpha track, I do feel relaxed but it is similar to listening to a piece of soothing music or meditation played on the YouTube channel.

Food For Thought

The robotics field defines self-awareness as the ability to self-simulate and to project the future. Self-aware robots are redefining consciousness.

Humans need to raise their levels of awareness and reach higher states of consciousness to gain a better handle on how to deal with the robots of the future.

Terms Used


According to Sinha Clinic, brainwaves are electrical impulses in the brain. A person’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts are communicated between neurons in our brains. Coordinated electrical pulses from these produce brainwaves. Our brainwaves occur at various frequencies that could be fast or slow. They are the alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta brainwaves.


Relates to both ears. Human hearing is binaural.


The field of energy and information that envelops and permeates the human body.


[i] Boosting Your Subtle Senses: Mystery Teachings with Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. physicist and metaphysicist.

[ii] A. Gupta, E. Ramdinmawii and V. K. Mittal, "Significance of alpha brainwaves in meditation examined from the study of binaural beats," 2016 International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC), 2016, pp. 484-489, doi: 10.1109/ICSPCom.2016.7980629.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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