How to Select Crystals Using Vibrational Energy

Updated on September 15, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Crystal healing is a form of vibration medicine.
Crystal healing is a form of vibration medicine. | Source

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational healing. It works on the basis that every living thing has a unique vibrational frequency and that these can interact with and influence each other. These energy frequencies are created by the movement of atoms and can vary over time depending on a number of factors. During the course of each day, vibrational frequencies, including our own, change in ways that may have a negative or positive impact on us and our well-being. Your frequency raises when you have positive experiences such as feeling successful, fulfilling relationships, and beneficial practices including yoga, meditation or spending time in nature. Spending time being creative, eating well, music and laughing all also raise your vibration. Conversely, energy frequencies can be lowered by negativity, for example, arguments, stress, worrying about work, money or relationships and spending time with negative people. Alcohol, greed, anger and environmental toxins can all contribute to a lower vibrational frequency.

Working with crystals is another simple and accessible way to raise your personal vibration and the energy of the places where you spend your time. Crystals can be used effectively by placing them around the home or workplace or by wearing or carrying them with you. The interaction of our vibrational energy with that of crystals is what creates their healing abilities.

Crystals have many beneficial properties for health and well-being.
Crystals have many beneficial properties for health and well-being. | Source

The way that these energies connect and work together is also useful in choosing which crystals will be beneficial for you. You may have experienced an attraction to a particular crystal even if you did not know its name or beneficial properties, maybe even to the point that you felt compelled to buy it. This is an example of the natural vibrations being attracted to each other as they have the ability to heal and balance any issues that are present. Even if you do not have any specific difficulties or issues that you would like to address with crystal healing simply keeping crystals around you will help to raise your personal vibration and general attitude and well-being. You may also find that you feel repelled from some stones or have an unexplainable dislike of them. This can be caused by that fact that the particular crystal will not be of benefit to you at this time. It is also possible for a certain variety of crystal to be unsuitable or too strong an energy for some people. Continuing to use a crystal in this circumstance can cause imbalance and unpleasant feelings. One example of a stone that many people have difficulty with, especially when starting out is moldavite. This crystal has powerful energy and metaphysical properties, and although these are easy to connect too, they can be too intense for a lot of people.

Desert rose can help you make sense of confusion situations.
Desert rose can help you make sense of confusion situations. | Source

Methods of Choosing Crystals

It is not necessary to know the full healing properties of a crystal in order to work with it successfully. There are many methods that can be used to choose crystals although not all use vibrational energy. All of these can be helpful and successful however many are dominated and limited by our knowledge and books. There is nothing wrong with using these methods, however, and many people believe that following the guidance of vibrational energies can bring even greater success. One thing that is important is not to overthink the process and allow your conscious thoughts to have too much influence over the process.

1. Using First Sight

One method of choosing crystals that utilises vibrational energy is often known as choosing by first sight. When you see a group of crystals, it can often be the case that you one stone, in particular, will catch your eye and attention. It is likely that stone will be beneficial to you and that your intuition is guiding you towards it. Sometimes it can be that this first sight attraction happens and you later find that the crystal is not what you were looking for. In this situation, it is often the case that the stone was for another issue you have or that will occur in the near future. Sometimes this method may seem overwhelming or can be difficult due to the fact that modern society has a tendency to teach us to ignore our intuition. If you find this method hard do not be disheartened as intuition is a tool that can be reconnected with and developed with time and practise.

If you feel unsure which crystal called out to you or feel as if there was more than one, the following exercise may help.

  • Stand quietly for a moment and close your eyes.
  • Focus on why you need a crystal and what you would like to achieve.
  • Now, open your eyes.
  • The first crystal you are drawn to is the one for you.

Selenite can be used to create a peaceful environment.
Selenite can be used to create a peaceful environment. | Source

2. Sensing Crystal Vibrations

Another approach that can be used to choose crystals is by feeling their energy and whether or not they vibrate with you. There are some people who are able to do this just by looking at the crystals, but it can also be done by holding them or placing your hand palm down a short distance above them. To use this method focus your mind on choosing a crystal and the issue that you wish it to help with. Hold your hand approximately 5 -6cm above the crystals or hold them if you are able too. You may sense the vibrations is a number of ways – you may feel a pulsing sensation in your hand or between your hand and the crystal, or you feel a tingling, fuzzy or warm sensation in your hand. Take note of how these sensations feel to you and whether you feel any attraction to the stones. In the majority of cases if a crystal feels right or good for you or has a general good feeling around it, then it will be beneficial to you.

If you are unable to physically see the crystals for example when buying online, it is still possible to use these methods. In this case, you will need to sit quietly and visualise your purpose. You can also state it out loud if you wish. When carrying out this exercise, it is important to be clear and affirmative in what you want. For example, using a statement such as ‘I will use this crystal to stop feeling anxious’ or ‘I will become more confident by working with this crystal’ are more likely to have good results in helping you choose an appropriate stone to work with. Positive affirmative statements help to create a flow of energy, but negative, vague or confused statements block clear energy flow and can trigger resistance against your goal. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Visualise your goal or state your intention. Now think about and visualise yourself holding a particular crystal and note any feelings or attraction you feel. When using this method, it can help to use a reputable crystal guidebook to research which crystals may help and then carry out the visualisation for each. If while looking through the book or browsing websites you feel a pull to a particular variety, see yourself owning it, have an urge to touch it or have any other positive attractions to the crystal, it is likely that it is suitable for you.

Your intution can be used to select appropriate crystals for any difficulties in life.
Your intution can be used to select appropriate crystals for any difficulties in life. | Source

As with choosing crystals using first sight do not feel discouraged or that you lack skills if you find sensing a crystals vibration hard at first. It can take practice to develop or be more in tune with these instinctive abilities. This is especially true if, like many people, you have been taught to ignore or mistrust your intuition or gut feelings. This exercise can be practiced at home with your own crystals to help improve your skills in this area.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2018 Claire


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