How to Use Crystals to Soothe Your Emotions

Updated on May 10, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Crystals are full of natural energy and vibrations that can be used to help balance our emotions and heal issues such as guilt, heartbreak, stress and anger. This safe and natural healing can be performed easily and in most cases needs no more than the appropriate crystal and a quiet room. It can also be used alongside other treatments and therapies.

Healing crystals can be used to support you when you are going through difficult times in life such as bereavement, divorce or illness or can be used to heal issues that have remained with you after difficult events. Healing and balancing your emotions will help you to live a more enjoyable, settled and rich life.

Lavender jade can be used to help calm stress.
Lavender jade can be used to help calm stress. | Source

Using Lavender Jade to Calm Stress

This form of jade has a gentle energy that is ideal for balancing and healing emotions as well as bringing inner peace and harmony. This crystal is believed to help you get in touch with your emotions and to encourage you to work through any difficult feelings you may be holding on to. It can also be used to support you during stressful situations.

This calming exercise will take around ten minutes. Sit in a quiet place and hold a piece of lavender jade against your forehead. Visualise the stones calming vibrations releasing and carrying away the stress from your mind and body and being replaced with a warm and peaceful energy. This can be repeated as often as needed and your crystal should be cleansed after each use to keep its energy clean and working to its full potential.

Amethyst can also be used to relieve stress and is also a good choice of stone for calming nerves, relieving tension and healing hurt emotions.

Agate crystals such as this banded variety can be used to soothe anger and calm your emotions.
Agate crystals such as this banded variety can be used to soothe anger and calm your emotions. | Source

How to Soothe Anger Using Agate

Agate is a powerful healing stone that can take away feelings of bitterness and anger and stop them from being repressed or building up inside you.

Agate can be used easily at any time you feel angry or that a build-up of anger may surface to calm your emotions so it may be useful to carry a stone with you or keep one in your bag or car. Working with the crystal can also help you to express your feelings or point more effectively before your anger grows too large to contain.

When you can feel that your anger is building or becoming difficult to control, take out your agate crystal and hold it in your hand. Sit quietly and breathe deeply for five minutes releasing your angry feelings with each breath out and inhaling in calm and peaceful energy.

Other crystals that are good for dealing with anger include moonstone and red garnet. Moonstone is ideal for cases of anger due to overreaction and red garnet can help you to let go of any anger you feel towards yourself.

Sunstone has many healing and beneficial properties including being able to help clear and settle and busy mind.
Sunstone has many healing and beneficial properties including being able to help clear and settle and busy mind. | Source

Clearing a Busy Mind with Sunstone

Sunstone is a useful tone to own as it has many healing and beneficial properties. It can be used to clear the chakra, attract luck and good fortune and lift your moods when you feel down. This stone also has many benefits to physical health and can ease sore throats, soothe aching joints and supports the heart and circulation.

With our busy modern lives, it can be common to feel as if there is so much to be done and never enough time. This can lead to not taking enough time for relaxation or to feel as if you always have thoughts, ideas, commitments and worries constantly swirling around your brain. These busy thoughts can make it very hard to switch off and relax and can also making getting a restful sleep more difficult. Sunstone can help with this, and this exercise only requires a short amount of your time in an evening to be effective. Sit quietly with your crystal, look at it carefully and take in its warm colour and energy. Close your eyes and as you breathe in visualise this energy flowing into your body and filling it with happiness and a sense of calm. Breathe out slowly and with each breath visualise that the negative, overwhelming or unhelpful emotions and thoughts that you have are leaving your body. Continue this exercise for between ten to fifteen minutes before slowly opening your eyes. This exercise can be repeated as often as you need but the sunstone should be cleansed after each use.

Amber and brown agate can also be used in place of the sunstone crystal.

An unpolished chrysocolla stone. Use this stone to boost confidence and remove negative emotions.
An unpolished chrysocolla stone. Use this stone to boost confidence and remove negative emotions. | Source

How to Boost Your Confidence with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla can bring peace and wisdom to those who use it as well as being able to remove negative emotions. It is very easy to be overly critical of ourselves while failing to recognise or be proud of our good points and achievements. We may also feel negative about our bodies and feel we are not as successful, popular or beautiful as other people. This can lead to negative thoughts and feelings about who we are as well as resulting in a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Chrysocolla can be used to ease feelings of guilt, increase self-awareness, release nervous tension and to increase our confidence in ourselves.

This exercise can be performed either sitting or lying down. Hold a chrysocolla crystal and pass it between your hands, feeling its energy and peace. Close your eyes and hold the crystal on your throat chakra. Think about letting go of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are causing you to feel negatively about yourself and accept that these are unrealistic and unfair. Focus now on achievements you have made in life, however large and small and the good qualities you possess. Feel the vibrations of the stone working to allow those old negative thoughts to be released and let go. Carry out this exercise for around five minutes every day for a week to really boost your confidence and help you face anything life can throw at you.

Garnet can also be used in this exercise to replace old negative behavioural patterns with more beneficial ways of thinking. Tiger’s eye can be used to help you truly recognise your abilities and achievements.

Peridot can be used to help you let go of guilt from the past and move forward in life.
Peridot can be used to help you let go of guilt from the past and move forward in life. | Source

How to Use Peridot to Let go of Guilt

Peridot is a crystal that can be used in for all types of cleansing. It can be used to help clear your mind and release things that are lingering from your past and holding you back or continuing to cause you upset. Many people unconsciously hold on to guilt over even small events in their lives or those that they need not feel guilty for at all. Peridot can help release this feelings and tech you that hanging on to old emotion can be detrimental to life in the present. This crystal can also be used to reduce stress and increase confidence.

Sit quietly and hold a peridot crystal in one hand, study its pleasing green colour and if using a raw stone notice the unique formation of your crystal. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a peaceful field or woodland clearing. Ask the crystal to show you how guilt is affecting you negatively and too help you let go of these feelings. Allow the stone to send its cleansing vibrations deep into your subconscious, allow you to admit you made a mistake if that is the truth and to move on leaving the guilt and event behind you. Take several deep breaths, exhaling slowly and come back to the present time and place. Cleanse the Peridot crystal after use.

Sodalite can also be used to help you heal from feelings of guilt. In addition, this stone can be used to help you face and work through any fears you may have in connection with the feelings of guilt.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Lincolnshire, UK

      Thank you!

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      5 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Another great hub on the power of crystals. Very useful. Voted up!

    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Lincolnshire, UK

      Thank you for your comment. Good to hear that the crystals are helping :)

    • sherrituck profile image

      Sherri Tuck 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      This is a great article. I have a worry stone made from moonstone that I keep on my desk along with a rose quartz crystal ball. I find them very soothing.


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