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How to Use Water to Cleanse Crystals

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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Crystals that are used in healing need to be cleansed in order to maintain their properties and good energy.

Crystals that are used in healing need to be cleansed in order to maintain their properties and good energy.

The Water Element

Water is essential for life and is considered by many to be the first of the classical four elements (water, earth, fire and air). Water is able to erode and shape the earth as it flows, can extinguish even the greatest fire and as the water cycle becomes part of the skies above as clouds before raining down again in order to bring life and sustenance to the earth. Water is a greatly powerful force with the ability to give life or to take it away or cause great havoc to our modern lives in the form of flooding, mismanagement or a tsunami.

From a spiritual point of view water is thought to have many beneficial properties. It is seen as healing, loving and gentle as well as being able to enhance our physical and spiritual gifts. It has very loving and feminine energy and is connected to the moon, emotions, purity and purification, intuition and family. It can be used in rituals and spells, especially those that concern family, friendships, fertility, marriage and healing. Water can also be used in divination in the form of scrying.

The sea is a possible source of water to use in cleansing crystals.

The sea is a possible source of water to use in cleansing crystals.

The Importance of Cleansing Crystals

With the use of crystals, the natural energy reserve and properties can be drained or in many cases replaced with stale, unhelpful or negative energies. These factors will not only have an effect on how well the crystal can perform when used in healing and other energy work, but can also mean that we surround ourselves with energies that are not good or particularly beneficial to us or our lives. In order to remedy this and care for crystals well it is important that they are cleaned of this energy and replenished. When cleansing your crystals it is important to remain focused and have a clear idea about your intentions in your mind.

Water is an excellent cleanser and is a good choice for cleansing most types of crystals. It is also readily available to most people and can be found almost wherever you are – either in natural forms such as the sea or rivers or in man-made lakes, ponds and residential properties. If at any time you feel that your crystals would benefit from a deeper cleansing they can be left in a bowl of spring water for 24 hours.

Some crystals such as selenite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, malachite and turquoise are water-sensitive and great care should be taken with these and they should only be rinsed briefly rather than being left in water for any period of time. Alternatively, another cleansing method can be used for these stones. Water has the ability to wash away negativity and recycle it back into good and positive energy.

Methods of Cleaning Crystals Using Water


This is a very simple method that requires only that you leave your crystal outside, in a safe place while it is raining. The falling water will cleanse the stone and carry away the old energies back into the earth to be recycled. Crystals can also be soaked in a clean bowl of rainwater.

Some people chose not to use this method if they live in highly populated or heavy traffic areas. This is due to the increased pollution that may be in the water.

Natural Running Water

Places where this method of cleansing can be used include waterfalls, streams and rivers. Whatever source you chose it is important that it is clean, unpolluted water and that you are able to access it safely. Hold your chosen crystal in the flow of water until you feel that it has been cleansed. You may also be able to secure your crystal in a container or small net bag and leave it in the flowing water for a longer period if you desire. Just take care that they are not washed away.

Tap Water

If you are unable to use a natural source of running water to cleanse your crystals, it is possible to use your household water supply instead. This method is also ideal as a quick cleansing method when you wish to work with a specific crystal or for a crystal you have just received. Simply hold the crystal under the running water and allow the water to run all over it all for several minutes.

Rain fall or water is useful for cleansing crystals.

Rain fall or water is useful for cleansing crystals.


Salt is an excellent cleanser and can be used to cleanse crystals either as natural saltwater from the sea or by making a saltwater solution at home. Salt's cleansing nature and ability to absorb are believed to be able to draw negative energy from the crystal and allow it to be replaced with clean, positive energy from the water. Any water that is taken from the sea should be returned after use and care should be taken to be considerate to any microscopic animals that may live in the water. A simple saltwater (saline) solution can be made by mixing 1 tsp of fine or ground sea salt with 1 cup (8 fluid ounces/250 ml) of clean warm water. Tap, spring or distilled water can be used for this. Allow your crystals to soak in the solution in order to cleanse them.

Care needs to be taken with this method as it can damage more delicate stones as it is also abrasive. This can damage a softer crystal's surface and structure or the surface shine of tumbled and raw specimens. It is also possible that the salt would get into tiny cracks or crevices in the crystal's surface and cause them to expand. Because of this many people chose not to use this method of cleansing at all.


Clean unpolluted freshwater from natural sources such as springs, streams and lakes can be used to cleanse crystals in the same way as salt water. Any water that you collect should be returned to its source after use and as with sea water, you should remain aware that there may be many microscopic creatures that make their homes in the water who are entitled to be respected and treated with care at all times.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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