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Let Change Lead You to a Better Life

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

Tikulu Lobsang Rinpoche, a high precious Buddhist master, was one of the speakers at the EarthKeepers Summit in December of 2020. He talked about the power of change.

He pointed out that the nature of existence is change. Change does not come or go anywhere. You are the change. Your deepest nature is change.

Change is the energy of your existence. Humans are naturally designed to stay in this world for a hundred years. In these hundred years, your experiences change. Without change, there is no birth or death. Birth is change, not your absolute beginning. In fact, birth is the biggest change you have ever experienced or will experience.

Birth is the first change faced in life, and death is the last change felt. There are small births and small deaths; sleep is a small death and waking up is a small birth.

an Ocean of Change

an Ocean of Change

Ocean of Change

You are an ocean of changes. Change is the wave. Countless and endless waves, gross and subtle, coming naturally. We swim in the great wave of the ocean of changes. If you go against the current, change which is the wave of the ocean will become your enemy.

Use the waves of the ocean of change to help you swim quickly.

The nature of existence is an ocean of change. If you go against change, you go against nature. Nature is the truth of all truths. When you go against nature, you suffer not because nature punishes you. Nature is neutral; it does not help you or harm you. Nature gives an equal opportunity. Change is power, opportunity, and potential freedom

You can become healthier and have a better life and a better world because of change.

A negative view of change implies that your focus is on what change is taking from you when you should be focusing on what change brings to your life. Whenever change happens, it is in preparation for something better to happen. Look at what change brings, not at what change takes.

Change is neutral energy, depending on our relationship with it. Change is wisdom not knowledge.

Globally, in the twenty-first century, we need to practise the power of giving and taking, and the power of listening and talking. If they are not balanced, change stops flowing. Taking too much from the earth without giving back turns change into an enemy.

Sometimes the ego does not let you listen. Giving and listening are wisdom. Listen to nature and earth because they are telling you something.

Change is absolute nature, not culture, religion, philosophy, or science. If you fear change, then you are on the wrong planet.

Change does not make mistakes; it corrects. As long as there is a change, you need to learn.

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Love is more important than truth.

— Tukulu Lobsang Rinpoche

Love versus Truth

Knowledge can be dangerous. The knowledge of your past can kill your future because sometimes knowledge does not allow you to learn.

One reason people may not want to learn or change is when they think they possess the truth. Truth is not flexible and is different from change. No matter how much you think you have the truth, do not stop changing yourself and let the truth be the reason for the change.

People who think they have the absolute truth cannot change themselves and have a painful life.

Love is more important than truth which is an illusion. Truth is just philosophy and culture. We are not born with the truth. We are born with love. Truth separates us.

In the twenty-first century, we need to go beyond the truth. We need love. Truth is knowledge. Love is wisdom. Once you have love, you become a friend of change. When there is love, change is no longer a problem; it becomes an opportunity and the power to be a better person and society.

Love is more powerful than our need for the so-called truth. Change based on love is healing.

Love is more powerful than our need for the so-called truth. Change based on love is healing.

Changing Yourself or Others?

Allowing yourself to change is the way to change the world.

Trying to change others is weakness and ignorance. Changing yourself is wisdom and power. Helping others to change is better than changing them. When you change others, nature becomes your enemy. When you change yourself, nature becomes your friend.

In this world of action, knowledge without relaxation is dangerous.

The main thing you need to remember is the need to stay calm before any action. Calmness gives you more awareness which lead to taking the right actions. Our actions create conditions that become the reason of the change.

Be Calm and Stay Calm Before You Act.

— Tikulu Lobsang Rinpoche

In today’s world, we need more calmness than knowledge. Without peace and serenity, information can become dangerous. Education and knowledge are not enough to make a better world.

Changing yourself means being relaxed and keeping calm. Do not lose your cool no matter what. Once you lose coolness, you lose sight and perspective, you lose your heart. Just the head without the heart is dangerous.


Spend 11 or 21 minutes every morning either relaxing or meditating.

  1. Sit with a straight spine and relaxed shoulders
  2. Breathe in then breathe out three times
  3. Deep calmness, deep relaxation
  4. Become Nature
  5. Be Nature.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Liliane Najm

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