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Energy Healing: How It Works and What You Should Know Before a Session

Holley Hyler is an IT consultant and published freelance writer living in New York.

A Life-Changing Experience

Despite more people taking holistic approaches to health, energy healing is still a fairly new concept to most. When I started taking more of an interest in it, I got a lot of questions and raised eyebrows.

People trying it out for the first time often want to make sure it aligns with Christianity and that they can keep their clothes on during a session. They are relieved when the answer to both is yes! Jesus stated that anything he did, we can do (John 14:12-14). Reiki (or any other healing modality) is also not the same as massage – it requires minimal physical contact and can be done remotely.

My first encounter with energy healing was in Los Angeles. An acquaintance that I’d been corresponding with for several months was offering theta healing in-person. Before she started our session, she suggested that I make an intention for the next few months, a goal I felt was achievable within that time frame. I intended to move back to the east coast of the US and get a job that paid $50,000 annually. When she put her hands on my chest, instantly I felt the heat of her energy. A few months later, I was offered a job in Upstate NY with a salary that was $5,000 more than the one in my intention.

Tools such as candles, oils, or sage may be used during a session, with your consent. Let your practitioner know if you are allergic.

Tools such as candles, oils, or sage may be used during a session, with your consent. Let your practitioner know if you are allergic.

Responses to Energy Healing

I had tried a few Reiki sessions before that fateful day in LA, but up to that point, I hadn't experienced much feeling or change during a session. This is also normal. When you first try energy healing, it may take a while before you experience results or understand how it affects you. Monumental shifts typically do not occur until you've laid the groundwork. The energy may be so subtle at first that you barely register it. You may feel hot, cold, or tingling sensations along your spine or other places in your body. Some people cry, while others fall asleep. During the theta session, my ears popped. How you respond to healing energy will be as unique as you are. And yes, even if you fall asleep, it still works.

Energy healing works on all levels, meaning emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I believe what Louise Hay taught, that all physical ailments stem from the other levels. This is important because the healing may not necessarily work at the level you want during the first few sessions. For instance, you might want to clear a stomach issue but find that memories of your past come up, specifically when someone made a comment that impacted your sense of self-worth. You might not understand why that memory and its corresponding emotion comes up. The solar plexus chakra is the seat of self-worth and is located in the stomach area. Chances are, the energy is working at that feeling of low self-worth first because the stomach issue is related to it.

You might feel a lot of skepticism or doubt regarding the healing and its ability to work on you. I know I did, and this may be another reason why it took several sessions before I noticed anything different. It's not necessary for you to completely suspend your doubt, but it helps to keep an open mind and observe with a sense of curiosity.

Types of Healing

Here is a list of the modalities I have tried and a brief summary, from my own words and experience, of each.

Reiki - A Japanese technique that uses life force energy along each chakra. In each level of Reiki (I - Master), students are given new symbols to learn and focus on while sending healing energy. The distance symbol assists practitioners in remote sessions, but I have found that it is really all about one's intention as to how the healing works. The symbols can all be found online, but I didn't feel right looking them up or using them until I had classes and was attuned to the energy by a Reiki Master-Teacher.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) - Like Reiki, this is split into different levels and involves attunements. Rather than symbols, IET is more focused on angels, and there is a different angel for each energy meridian. There are very specific hand positions for triggering energy and releasing it, all of which should be given in the guides you get when you take the classes. I have received a few IET sessions and was able to perceive the energy each time. It was also during an IET session that I developed (or became aware of) my ability to see the outlines of non-physical beings. It's very powerful and definitely a modality to consider if you have some deep trauma to work through.

Theta - I have not been trained in theta, but I have received many sessions. Theta works with your brain waves to clear harmful patterns in your thoughts and beliefs. Your theta practitioner will meditate with you until your brain is in theta and more receptive to healthier patterns of thinking.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - This is used to create a balance in your energy regarding painful memories or negative thoughts you hold. It involves tapping the body in certain points while repeating positive statements about yourself, your life, and your relationships. Sometimes I feel like I must look a little crazy while doing it, but it helps! You can find a lot of examples of this on YouTube if you look up Brad Yates. At times, I have pulled up his videos and just listened without tapping along and still felt a benefit.

These are all excellent tools but should never be treated as the ultimate cure or be-all-end-all when it comes to your healing process. Try to take a gentle and curious approach with each, and you will be more likely to see them working in your favor. If you put a lot of pressure on things to work a certain way, you tend to notice more limitations.

Energy healing has helped me release a lot of what was holding me back and fly free to create the life of my dreams. It is an everyday process that never ends, but it is a beautiful journey.

Energy healing has helped me release a lot of what was holding me back and fly free to create the life of my dreams. It is an everyday process that never ends, but it is a beautiful journey.

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I'm Here to Help

I wouldn't be writing about this topic if it hadn't been so monumental in my life. Energy healing has helped me shed a lot of trauma and move forward from things that I worried would scar me forever. It helped me respond to triggers in more empowering and healthy ways. I cannot name a favorite method, nor would I want to impose any limitations on this. All that I have tried has been a great learning experience and it is a journey that continues. If you still have doubts or questions, please comment below and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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