Paramahansa Yogananda's Book, “Scientific Healing Affirmations”

Updated on February 4, 2020
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Paramahansa Yogananda's books are based on his yogic teachings. They offer special guidance as they inspire and uplight the mind and heart.

Scientific Healing Affirmations
Scientific Healing Affirmations | Source

The Practice of Healing Routines

Scientific Healing Affirmations: Theory and Practice of Concentration is a practical book by Paramahansa Yogananda, teaching concentration in service of healing. One of the most valuable lessons the great guru Paramahansa Yogananda teaches is how to be practical. The spiritual life is grounded in intelligent practice, not merely ethereal beliefs and musings.

The Practicality of Scientific Spirituality

The great guru Paramahansa Yogananda explains that thoughts have power when deeply understood through words. In opening lines of his valuable book Scientific Healing Affirmations: Theory and Practice of Concentration, the great guru sets out to explain the foundation for the science of affirmation healing practices:

Man's word is Spirit in man. Spoken words are sounds occasioned by the vibrations of thought; thoughts are vibrations sent froth by the ego or by the soul. The ego is apt to send out vague and even false thoughts, but the soul always sets forth truth and power.

It is through practice of deep concentration that each human being grows nearer her/his own soul. When individuals speak from the ego, they are speaking from shallowness, but when they speak from the soul, they speak the heart of truth, as the great guru says, "Speech without soul force is like husks without corn."

Theory Plus Practice Make Perfect

Scientific Healing Affirmations: Theory and Practice of Concentration is one of the most practical books authored by the great yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda. This book is a short eighty pages, divided into two sections, "Part I - Theory of Healing" and "Part II - Method of Practice."

Part I: Theory of Healing

In "Part I - Theory of Healing," Paramahansa Yogananda explains why affirmations work in a subsection of that same title. He teaches how the mind is responsible for both illness and wellness. Also in this section the great guru explains how life energy is the real cause that cures all diseases and how to stimulate that life energy to get it work. Yogananda points out,

Each thought of depression or happiness, irritability or calmness, cuts subtle grooves in the brain cells and strengthens the tendencies toward sickness or well-being.

"Part I Theory of Healing" also illuminates ways to prevent physical, mental, and spiritual disease. Paramahansa Yogananda also evaluates the various methods of healing, demonstrates divine laws as applied to matter, and tells his readers how to acquire power over the life energy, that force without which no illness can be cured.

In the last section of "Part I Theory of Healing," the great guru elucidates the connection between consciousness and matter. He shows how a comparison of our experiences of dreams can help us understand the reality of the soul, that is, the differences between reality and cosmic illusion, or maya.

Part II: Method of Practice

"Part II Method of Practice" offers the practice itself. Readers are instructed on how to sit for practice and the progressive stages of chanting. They learn about the cosmic sound of aum and its importance. Paramahansa Yogananda explains the function of the three physiological centers that impact all spiritual practice in yoga.

The final subsection in "Part II - Method of Practice" offers the affirmations themselves; for example, "Affirmation for General Healing," "Affirmation by Power of Thought," "Affirmation for Material Success," "Affirmations for Spiritual Success," and many others.

Sample Affirmation

The following is an example of an affirmation for spiritual success:

Thou art Wisdom,
And Thou dost know
The cause and end of all things.
I am Thy child; I want to know
Life's true mystery.
Life's true joyous duty.
Thy wisdom in me shall show
All things that Thou dost know,
That Thou dost know.

A Favorite Affirmation

The following is one of my favorite affirmations:

My Heavenly Father is love, and I am made in His image. I am the sphere of love in which all planets, all stars, all beings, all creation are glimmering. I am the love that pervades the whole universe.

This affirmation helps one realize the concept of being related to everything in the cosmos as one affirms repeatedly: "I am the love in which all planets, all stars, all beings, all creation are glimmering." It is through being one with this idea that the devotee begins to understand how miracles work, how the avatars know our minds even when they are not on the earth plane.

These affirmations work, when we work them. Through our deep attention, affection, and determination, they explode from the soul like "vibration bombs" shattering the illness and instilling health in body and mind.

Making Spiritual Practice Personal

The great guru and spiritual leader, Paramahansa Yogananda, urged his followers to take his lessons into their personal spiritual laboratory, experiment and observe the personal changes that these techniques engender in the individual. As one becomes more deeply intimate with the theory and practice of the techniques, one can create a personal technique and/or affirmation, based on the spirit and practice of the instructions.

The great guru always reminds us that after our regular meditation session we should sit long in prayer, talking to God, pouring out our feelings and concerns, in the “language of our hearts.” Thus, I have created my own personal technique that I have added to my mediation routine. After performing the guru-given meditation techniques, I sit in complete stillness, feeling the hum that seems to emanate through my body, as I listen with open ears to the great aum sound. I call this practice my “Stillness Routine.”

As part of the “Stillness Routine,” I engage the following affirmation that I composed for speaking to the Divine Creator in the “language of my heart”:

I am health
I am wealth
I am whole
I am a perfect

This affirmation helps me remember that I am made in the “image of God”; thus, my soul is perfect. As I am working to unite my mind with the perfection of the soul, I practice keeping my mind in a positive state, disallowing the negative thoughts that these positive statements override.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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