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7 Tips for Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency to Live Your Best Life

Writer, mother, and home-care nurse. I spend much of my day teaching patients about health, disease process, and the mind-body connection.

All Matter in the Universe Is Made Up of Energy and Vibrations (Including Us!)

The world and Universe as we know it are all continually expanding along frequencies and vibrations. Some frequencies are very high in their vibrational frequency and some, like "dark matter," are very low in vibrational frequency. Science has shown that this low-vibrational “dark matter” can be viewed as a sort of scaffolding that holds the Universe together.

In his article, "The Good Vibrations of Quantum Field Theories," Don Lincoln explains:

"Everywhere in the universe there is a field called the electron field. A physical electron isn’t the field, but rather a localized vibration in the field. In fact, every electron in the universe is a similar localized vibration of that single field."

What this essentially means is that since we are part of this Universe, we also operate according to vibrations and frequencies. It's up to us to decide which vibrations we want to align ourselves with. The higher vibrations or the lower vibrations.

The higher vibrational frequencies are associated with love, compassion, kindness, generosity, wealth, peace, fulfillment, creativity and the like. While, the lower vibrational frequencies are associated with fear, separateness, anger, anxiety, sadness, violence and hate just to name a few.

The main question that you should consider at this point is, "Which vibrational frequency are you aligned with right now?"

Everything Is Energy and Vibrations

Everything Is Energy and Vibrations

Your Emotions Hold the Key

A good way to detect what vibrational frequency you are on right now is by assessing your emotional state. Right now, are you happy? Are you scared? Are you full of anxiety or sadness? These emotions are a barometer of what vibrational frequency you are on right now. You can also take a look at your life thus far and your relationships to determine which vibrational frequencies you are more aligned with.

For example, do the people that are in your life right now seem happy, peaceful and fulfilled? Or do the people in your life seem fearful, full of anxiety and seem to complain all of the time. If you find that your situation is the latter of the two, you may want to take a good look at your own emotions and question if you would like to carry on at this low vibrational frequency attracting people and situations in your life that do not serve, "Your Best Life."

I've come across patients in my own line of work as a home health nurse, that are vibrating on a low frequency. I can tell this as soon as I walk into a home. The way I am greeted and how the patient describes his or health condition tell me a lot about their state of mind and the emotions that they are feeling at that point of time.

Some patients describe how they have been taken advantage of by their doctors and the health care system as a whole. These are the patient's that feel angry, hurt, fearful and full of anxiety, therefore they are operating at a low vibrational frequency, which consequently impairs their healing to a certain degree. Most of the time, these patients will have a variety of issues appear in their life such as not getting a hold of their doctors when they would like, not getting the appointment they want, complications from healing or they will experience pain longer than the average patient will and the list goes on and on. All of these factors indicate that the patient is attracting circumstances that are aligned with lower vibrational frequencies.

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On the other hand, I have seen patients who have adopted a positive attitude and look back at their hospital experience as a good one. They love their doctors, they trust their advice and they almost always recover quickly from an ailment or do not encounter the same negative circumstances the other patients have encountered who are on a lower vibrational frequency.

However, this is not to say that I've never had patients who are very positive in their attitude and outlook and just had bad things happen to them randomly. Of course I have, but I bet out of the thousands of homes that I have visited, it only adds up to 1 percent of the total.


Increasing Your Vibrational Frequency

Now that you have a better understanding of how important your alignment with the right vibrational frequency is, let's go over some tips on how you can get there:

Tips to Elevate Your Frequency

  1. Meditate: This key point cannot be overstated enough. Meditating in the morning brings awareness throughout your entire day and therefore you are more able to catch emotions that are lower frequency before they take hold so that you may change your thoughts to more positive ones and therefore a higher vibrational match.
  2. Nutrition and Hydration: All foods have a vibrational frequency to them. Foods that are highly processed have low vibrations. While foods that are whole and found in nature, such as raw fruits and vegetables are high in vibration and will promote alignment with a higher frequency. Finally, you can't stay in a high vibration if you are dehydrated all of the time. You really should be drinking at least 6 cups of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages every day.
  3. Sleep-Getting: a good night's sleep of 6-7 hours a night at least will help mood and energy levels to stay in the higher frequencies that you wish to stay in for most of your day.
  4. Exercise-Cardiovascular: exercise promotes the physical activity that our bodies crave to keep the energy flowing and the body functioning at its optimum level. Furthermore, it is proven that exercise reduces anxiety and depression which are aligned with lower frequencies.
  5. Practice Love: Practicing love and compassion whenever possible throughout the day keeps you aligned with some of the highest vibrational frequencies the Universe has to offer. We are all one, we are connected and practicing love and compassion keeps us connected to this high frequency.
  6. Affirmations: Write down a list of Affirmations that start with, "I Am" These two words are very powerful. Starting each sentence with these two words and ending them with what you would like to be in your life is a very powerful exercise in aligning with the higher vibrational frequencies. Every morning and every night before you go to bed, read these statements, and really feel the emotion of joy and fulfillment after you say each statement. During this exercise, you are literally aligning yourself with a higher frequency.
  7. Create: Even if it's for 20 minutes a day, carve time out of your schedule to create. This means writing in a journal, drawing, painting, writing music, crafts, etc. The point is when you are creating, you are in your highest vibration. The Universe is constantly expanding and when you create something, you are in alignment with Universe in it's highest vibration.

Life Is Short, so Live Your Best Life

Finally, the words in this article are meant to help guide anyone who is willing to do the work to transform their current circumstances and life situation to create their best life. Life is too short, why spend it in lower frequencies and vibrations that do not serve your highest purpose?


Maria Bella (author) from United States on April 07, 2019:

Thanks for stopping by Audrey! I'm so happy to hear your in such a great peaceful place. Namaste :)

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on April 07, 2019:

I now have a full understanding of vibrational frequency. You've explained it so well. I'm grateful that I'm in a grateful place, living with joy and peace,

Thank you.

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