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7 Crystals for Healing and Improving Love and Relationships

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Cassiterite can help heal fear of disapproval, prejudice, rejection and abandonment.

Cassiterite can help heal fear of disapproval, prejudice, rejection and abandonment.

The Many Benefits of Crystals

Crystals can be used to attract love or to improve our existing relationships with loved ones. They can also be used to help heal and resolve issues that have been caused by past negative relationships or anything that makes finding love or maintaining healthy relationships difficult. This includes issues such as past abuse, jealousy, controlling behaviours, trust issues and lack of confidence.

The colours pink and green are associated with the heart chakra, so crystals of these colours are commonly very effective in matters related to love and relationships. Pink crystals, such as the popular rose quartz, are great for attracting love and romance as well as for working on self-love. Green heart chakra crystals are often used to nurture existing relationships and include stones such as emerald and green tourmaline. However, do not rule out using crystals of all colours, as many of these also have properties that can benefit us in love or in healing and maintaining relationships.

In this article, I'll discuss the uses and benefits of the following crystals:

  • Cassiterite
  • Crocoite
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Sunstone
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Smithsonite
  • Ruby in Zoisite

1. Use Cassiterite to Banish Fear of Rejection

When you have been hurt in the past, it can become difficult to allow other people to get too close to you or to share your true feelings and emotions with them. While it is understandable that you feel this way, a fear of being rejected or hurt again can create a huge barrier against finding love or even maintaining close friendships. This can lead to missing out on many beneficial aspects of life and feelings of loneliness and resentment or low self-esteem.

Cassiterite is a tin oxide that is more commonly found in raw, unpolished form. It is generally brown to black in colour but may contain other colours due to impurities in the stone. This is a good stone for protecting against negativity that helps in breaking down old patterns. Cassiterite can help in creating a clear path for new patterns and in drawing the energies you desire towards you. It aids in getting rid of energies that are holding you back in life or that are negative or degrading.

The healing abilities of this stone help in dissolving fear and any negative associations that you have to disapproval, prejudice, rejection, abandonment and emotional pain. This then allows your heart and mind to be filled with more beneficial and optimistic thoughts about your future. Cassiterite works well when worn or kept close to you every day so that its healing energy can slowly and thoroughly heal and open you up to new beginnings in love.

Crocoite can help us in remembering the better times in life.

Crocoite can help us in remembering the better times in life.

2. Wear Crocoite to Remember the Good Times

Sadly, not all relationships work out as we had hoped for and this can lead to a great deal of stress and upset. The breaking up of a long-term relationship or marriage can be particularly difficult and cause a huge amount of upheaval and change in emotional, practical and physical terms. Crocoite is useful in healing emotional distress. It helps to keep you grounded no matter what the upheaval around you and aids you in the transition phase between your old life (in the relationship) and your new life.

Care should be taken while working with this crystal as it contains lead and high levels of Chromium. While it is safe to use it, it is wise to always wash your hands after handling crocoite and avoid touching your mouth, eyes or face until you have done so. Care should also be taken with small particles and dust as these may be harmful if ingested. This crystal can be carried in a fabric pouch (to limit physical contact) or placed close by you at home. Extra care should be taken if you have children or pets.

Green tourmaline can help remove fear and uncertainty.

Green tourmaline can help remove fear and uncertainty.

3. Use Green Tourmaline to Aid Communication

Green tourmaline is a great stone for growth of all kinds and can inspire us to be happy and joyful in life. Its green colour is connected to the heart chakra and can aid us in understanding ourselves and others and increases tolerance and compassion. Green tourmaline can help in expressing emotions clearly rather than keeping them bottled up inside. This crystal helps to remove fear or uncertainty of saying how you feel and also encourages you to communicate with your partner whenever possible, sharing your thoughts, emotions and desires.

In order to benefit from the properties of green tourmaline, it can be worn in jewellery or carried with you. It can also be placed in your home, preferably in the room you spend the most time with your partner, to help create a soothing, harmonious environment that fosters positive communication.

Sunstone may help in dispelling negative thoughts about relationships.

Sunstone may help in dispelling negative thoughts about relationships.

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4. Use Sunstone to Ease Difficult Relationships

Sunstone is a good choice of crystal when you need or want to make changes in your relationships. It is useful when a relationship is going through a rocky patch as it can help to make differences less important and help you focus on creating a loving and mutually beneficial relationship.

This stone can help you in seeing that you are loved and are worthy of being loved, decreasing feelings of insecurity, fear of losing your partner and other potentially troublesome feelings. The bright, sunny energy of sunstone helps in repelling negativity and negative thought that may be detrimental to your relationship. It aids in creating a deep sense of commitment and devotion and promotes sharing and companionship. Sunstone can be worn or carried if you would personally like to benefit from its energy or it can be placed in a room to create a happy, tolerant and loving environment.

Lapis lazuli is a good crystal for communication and emotional healing.

Lapis lazuli is a good crystal for communication and emotional healing.

5. Attract a New Partner With Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a pretty blue stone that brings wisdom, love and emotional healing to anyone who carries it with them. Its energy is one that attracts others, especially in relation to love and can give the wearer the confidence to go after what they want. This can be especially useful for people who are shy, find it hard to approach others or hold back for fear of rejection.

The attraction properties of lapis lazuli can be used if there is someone you have your eye on already or if you are open to attracting a new partner. This supportive stone can also lessen social awkwardness and shyness giving you the ability to talk easily to others. It brings the reassurance that everything will work out okay in the end despite hardships and helps to heal pain, sadness and heartache caused by past experiences with love and relationships. Linked to the throat chakra due to its blue colour, this is a stone of communication that also encourages honesty and mental clarity.

Smithsonite is beneficial in healing heartbreak.

Smithsonite is beneficial in healing heartbreak.

6. Ease Heartbreak With Smithsonite

Smithsonite is a beneficial crystal for anyone that has recently ended a relationship or experiences heartbreak. This is good crystal for support during this difficult time that will help to remove feelings of hurt, humiliation, confusion and anger. This crystal reminds you to have hope and that everything will be okay again in time.

Smithsonite has a loving energy that can help us remember that we are worthy of love regardless of what others may have said to us or how they have treated us in the past. It helps the heart to heal from emotional trauma and prevents negative feelings towards love accumulating there. When the times is right smithsonite inspires you to let go of the past and move on with a heart open to love and happiness.

Ruby in zoisite helps the heart and mind to work together.

Ruby in zoisite helps the heart and mind to work together.

7. Boost Passion With Ruby in Zoisite

This stone is formed of a combination of ruby crystals embedded in zoisite creating a stone that has a passionate energy that also encourages those around it to be patient. It can help stop you from over-reacting to difficult situations and eases mood swings.

This crystal is also thought to boost fertility. Ruby in Zoisite helps your heart and mind to work together rather than competing with each other. It can boost your self-confidence allowing you to take a more active role in sex and helps to instil a deep sense of belonging. Ruby is considered a very passionate stone that increases passion and aids in keeping the physical side of love alive and burning bright. Wear ruby in zoisite to benefit from its energy or place a piece next to your bed or under the mattress.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Are there any crytals that help with relationship addictions such as those related to fear of being alone?

Answer: Amethyst is said to be helpful in working on addictions. It would be beneficial if you could get to the root cause of the fears and addictions and choose a crystal suited to that.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this and learned about some no so common crystals. You made this list useful to everyone because these are very common concerns.

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