Seven Crystals for Overcoming Addictions

Updated on June 26, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Addictions can leave people feeling trapped and alone.
Addictions can leave people feeling trapped and alone. | Source

When they think about addictions many people think of very serious and life-threatening situations such as drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking or excessive gambling. But in fact it is possible to become addicted to almost anything. An addiction to caffeine or sugar can be a problem for many people and people may become addicted to every day parts of life such as shopping, work, the internet or food.

The National Health Service (NHS) in England defines addiction as:

“Not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you”

Some examples of less thought of addiction include:

Work - some people become obsessed with their work. This can lead to them becoming physically and mentally exhausted and living an incredibly stressful life. When this occurs the individual’s relationships with family, friends and partners and social life may be affected negatively. People who are addicted to work generally never take holidays and may be constantly thinking about, preparing for or doing tasks related to work even when they are not officially at work.

Internet or computer use - Just using a computer a lot doesn't necessarily mean that someone is addicted. But when the person begins to neglect other areas of their daily life such as seeing friends and family, cleaning their home, eating properly or is neglecting their sleep or hygiene they may have a computer use based addiction. This type of addiction would also cover the use of tablets, smartphones and any other device that connects to the internet. People can also become addicted to gaming whether online or offline.

Shopping - Someone who has an addiction to shopping will buy large amounts of items even when they do not need them or even necessarily really like them. They do this because the active purchasing the items gives them a good feeling or buzz and of course they wish this to continue. After find these items the person may struggle with feelings of guilt or shame and also suffer with stress and worry over the amount of money they are spending. Shopping addictions can easily lead people into debt as they struggle to balance the money they have to spend with what they feel they need to spend. This can lead to buying items on credit or taking out credit cards or loans to fund purchases.

Food - Everybody needs to eat food to survive and remain healthy but for some people this can lead two problems with food addiction. This type of addiction can have a negative Impact on a person's life and due to the fact that addiction often occurs with foods that are very high in fat sugar or salt can also lead to serious and even life threatening health issues. Food addiction can affect an individual physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Many people who suffer with Food Addiction do not realise that their problem is down to a genuine addiction. They may feel bad about their poor eating habits and wish that they could change and yet all their attempts fail. This can lead to reduced self-esteem embarrassment about their eating habits, leading to social exclusion and other conditions such as depression.

Addicition can come in many forms but all have a greatly negative impact on life.
Addicition can come in many forms but all have a greatly negative impact on life. | Source

Like so many other health conditions and difficulties in life, crystal healing can help to support someone who's struggling with addiction. This can be helpful in many situations it is also important to recognise when somebody requires more intense or professional intervention In order to help them recover. However even if this is the case there is no reason why crystals cannot be used as an additional form of therapy and support.

One very important aspect of recovering from addiction is in gaining or maintaining spiritual well-being and surrounding yourself with positive energy. Healing crystals are an excellent way to add healing and positive Energy to your life and the environment around you. These stones can help with so many aspects of life including creating a calm and soothing environment, healing physical ailments, soothing are emotions and supporting a too difficult day-to-day situations. Christie's can also help to keep you focused on the task ahead, improve concentration and memory skills as well as helping to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Amethyst as long been regarded as an excellent crystal for overcoming addictions.
Amethyst as long been regarded as an excellent crystal for overcoming addictions. | Source

1. Amethyst

This purple crystal is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It helps to block negative energy in the environment and has strong healing and cleansing powers. Amethyst is a very calming alright crystal for the mind and aids in decision making and setting realistic goals. This crystal can help to balance out mood highs and lows and dispel unwanted emotions such as anger rage fear and anxiety.

Amethyst can help in detoxifying body and will support to withdrawal symptoms. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek word that means ‘not intoxicated’. This is a good crystal for overcoming negative thought patterns about yourself or your addictive behaviours. It is also an excellent crystal for all spiritual aspects of life and is often used in meditation.

Hematite is a powerful protection crystal.
Hematite is a powerful protection crystal. | Source

2. Hematite

It can take an awful lot of willpower to break habits and overcome behaviours linked to addiction. Hematite is an excellent crystal for enhancing will power and helping us to focus on what needs to be done in order to overcome the addiction. Will help you to understand and release unwanted behaviours, habits and self-imposed limitations. This crystal has excellent grounding and protective qualities that will help you to feel safe and secure during this uncertain period of life. it also helps to boost self-esteem and improve confidence.

Lepidolite can help to ease feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.
Lepidolite can help to ease feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. | Source

3. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is used for crystal for alleviating mood swings and recovering from addiction. It is an excellent crystal for reducing stress and depression and helps to stop obsessive thoughts and feelings of despondency. Lepidolite helps in releasing and reorganising old psychological and behavioural patterns. This is and is an excellent crystal for decision making as it helps us to focus on what is important rather than being distracted by small irrelevant details.

Lepidolite is known as the stone of change and helps us to instigate positive life changes. It is a protective stone that aids in self-love, patience and optimism. This crystal contains lithium and can be helpful in stabilizing mood swings and reducing stress, anxiety and depression when worn against the skin.

Fire agate is a good choice of crystal for breaking destructive habits.
Fire agate is a good choice of crystal for breaking destructive habits. | Source

4. Fire Agate

This variety of agate has a strong connection to the earth that brings feelings of security and safety to life. It helps to support and protect during difficult times in life and will return any harmful energy back to its source. Fire agate incorages introspection and helps in resolving inner problems. It aids in breaking destructive habits and cravings. This crystal brings vitality to the body to help in keeping energy levels stable and is a good stone for meditation.

Dioptase can help you develop a positive attutide to life.
Dioptase can help you develop a positive attutide to life. | Source

5. Dioptase

This crystal is a powerful choice for healing the heart and heart chakra. It helps us to live in the present moment and in developing a positive attitude to life. Dioptase is a good supportive crystal for helping you to achieve your full potential even when you aren’t sure which direction to take. It can be used when grief, betrayal and guilt hold you back in life or at the root of your addiction and the associated behaviours.

Iolite can you recognise the root of addictive behaviours.
Iolite can you recognise the root of addictive behaviours. | Source

6. Iolite

Iolite is an excellent crystal for helping you to recognise, understand and release the causes of addiction. It encourages a person to understand and take responsibility for their actions and to become the dominate person in their relationship with addiction, rather than the addiction controlling them. Iolite is especially effective for alcohol addiction as it has the ability to detoxify the liver and aid in healing the effects of the built up of toxins here. This is a balancing crystal that helps with self-acceptance.

Black tourmaline is well known for its protective and grounding properties.
Black tourmaline is well known for its protective and grounding properties. | Source

7. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a very grounding and protective crystal. It helps to bring understanding of yourself and others and brings new insight into behaviour patterns and actions. It helps in removing feeling as if you are a victim and unable to get out of current patterns of behaviour. Black tourmaline in particular has a strong protective energy and is a good choice for removing stress and tension. This variety promotes a laid back attitude to life and aids in developing a positive general attitude to life. Pink tourmaline can be a useful stone in healing any emotional causes of addition. It helps in releasing emotional pain and destructive and negative feelings.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2018 Claire


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