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Seven Crystals for Restful Sleep

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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout life and is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. While we sleep, our bodies have time to rest, repair as needed, and process information and memories. Not getting enough sleep or experiencing poor quality sleep can have a detrimental effect on all areas of health including weakening the immune system, anxiety, poor concentration, and depression. In this modern society, there are many things that can have a negative effect on our ability to fall asleep or stay asleep for more than a short time. These include not taking enough time to wind down at the end of the day, stress, illness and emotional causes such as anxiety or worries and bad memories from the past or present.

Sleep is vital to good health and well-being.

Sleep is vital to good health and well-being.

There are many practical things that can be done day to day in order to try and improve our sleep. For example, making changes to the levels of light, noise, and temperature in your bedroom. Adopting the same bedtime routine can be helpful in getting to sleep as can keeping stimulating activities to a minimum in the evening. As well as these strategies there are many crystals that can help with sleep-related issues such as insomnia, nightmares, night terrors and improving your quality of sleep.

Crystal healing is a very safe natural therapy that is a form of vibrational medicine. It can be used alongside other treatments and medications and is safe for everyone from the very young to old. As the crystals are to be used at night when there may be limited supervision, extra care should be taken with young children, pets and anyone who may not be fully aware of the danger that crystals may present. This can be tackled by using larger stones so that they do not present a choking hazard or by placing them well out of reach. Crystals can also place under a mattress or placed into small drawstring bags and tied or sew securely shut.

Sodalite is soothing blue stone.

Sodalite is soothing blue stone.

1. Sodalite

This blue stone is very beneficial to the mind and helps to clear electromagnetic pollution. It helps to reduce mental chatter and confusion so is useful for people who feel that they cannot switch off and sleep, or who find once in bed their mind begins worrying and overthinking. This crystal encourages rational thought and helps in letting go of old rigid mind-sets. Sodalite can be used in relieving fears, phobias, and guilt. On a physical level, this stone cleanses the organs and boosts the immune system, which may become weakened due to persistent lack of sleep.

Chrsoprase can help to reduce nightmares.

Chrsoprase can help to reduce nightmares.

2. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a calming crystal that promotes restful restorative sleep. It helps to remove oppressive and recurrent images and thought from the mind, which in turn can help to reduce nightmares. Chrysoprase brings us feelings of security and trust which allow us to feel safer and more able to relax. This green stone promotes stillness and can help in keeping positive during even the hardest times.

Scolecite brings inner peace and aids relaxation.

Scolecite brings inner peace and aids relaxation.

3. Scolecite

This is a lesser known crystal, but one that is still fairly easy to obtain. Scolecite is a gentle stone that encourages deep sleep and can help in remembering your dreams. It can also be used to help you understand messages within your dreams. This crystal brings inner peace and stillness that enables deep relaxation and a gentle transition into sleep.

Green tourmaline can help to calm hyperactive children.

Green tourmaline can help to calm hyperactive children.

4. Green Tourmaline

This variety of tourmaline is a nurturing stone that can transform negative energy into positive and alleviate fears. It quiets the mind and facilitates restful sleep. Green tourmaline can help to ease the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and exhaustion. It is a useful stone for anyone that suffers from panic attacks and can help in calming hyperactive children. Green tourmaline is also known as verdelite.

Smoky quartz can help to relieve night cramps.

Smoky quartz can help to relieve night cramps.

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a grounding stone that can transform negative energy. It will help you to feel safe and secure in your body and life. This stone can help you to organise your day in a practical and productive way that can help to eliminate worries and anxieties over what you need to do or haven’t been able to achieve. Smoky quartz is useful in making life feel less frantic and rushed. These properties can then aid in allowing relaxing and experiencing restful sleep at night. This crystal can also relieve cramps that may come on at night and keep you awake.

Lepidolite is a very effective crystal for calming anxiety and easing depression.

Lepidolite is a very effective crystal for calming anxiety and easing depression.

6. Lepidolite

Lepidolite contains the mineral lithium and has the ability to calm and soothe the emotions and balance mood. If you are troubled by worries and anxiety at bedtime this is a great crystal to help dissolve these. This is also an excellent crystal for regaining balance after experiencing nightmares or night terrors. Lepidolite can help reduce stress, depression, obsessive thoughts and feelings of despondency. It is also used in overcoming insomnia. This crystal aids in tense muscles especially when this is linked to emotional causes.

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Pink calcite promotes sleep by easing tension and anxiety.

Pink calcite promotes sleep by easing tension and anxiety.

7. Pink Calcite

Also known as Mangano calcite, this is a greatly soothing crystal that will bring you feelings of calm and well-being. This is an excellent choice of crystal for alieving nightmares and it especially affective if these are connected to emotional trauma from a past event. This could be from a breakup, abuse, violence, death of a loved one or difficulties in childhood. Pink calcite supports the nerves and helps to ease tension and anxiety.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on September 03, 2018:

Lepidolite has a very calming and soothing energy and so can help with sleep issues, especially if these are associated with stress and anxiety.

stunning 1 on September 02, 2018:

I found Kunzite helpful for this but the piece was so tiny I can't find it. I believe I was told Lepidolite was similar could you verify. Thanks. I'm enjoying your articles.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on July 19, 2018:

Thank you, that's very kind :)

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on July 16, 2018:

I also shared this page to my facebook page Guide to Crystals.

Claire (author) from Lincolnshire, UK on July 15, 2018:

You're welcome. I hope that it helps her.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on July 13, 2018:

Thanks for reminding me how great Sodalite is. It reminds me why I bought so many when I first started collecting. My mother has all of those symptoms and I've been giving her several stones to use when I really only need Sodalite.

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